9 Reasons to Hire (or Not to Hire) a Life Coach

Hugely successful public figures, including Oprah Winfrey, Bill Clinton, Leonardo DiCaprio, Hugh Jackman and Bill Gates, have worked extensively with a coach. Why? My experience shows that there are six factors that make high-achieving people more inclined to coach. Eric Schmidt, Chairman of Alphabet, formerly CEO of Google, said that “everyone should have a coach”. I disagree. Although there may be many factors that make successful coaches, there are good reasons to not hire one. These are the main reasons.

Why not to hire a coach

1. I need someone to fix my life.

A coach who is right for you will listen and ask questions. A coach will push you to think differently and be more resourceful, but they will not solve your problems.

It takes a lot of effort to maintain balance in your daily life. Although a coach can provide great resources and tools for success, this is not enough. Even the most skilled coach cannot help you if you aren’t willing to do the heavy lifting.

2. I need help with deep-seated mental issues

Coaches are not therapists. Coaches will help you look toward the future and find new ways to think and act, not dwell on your past. A trained therapist is needed if you have issues like depression, anxiety, and mental illness.

3. I would like to have a wise friend

Although they may have good intentions, family and friends are not always impartial. Too close to your situation can make it difficult for them to see the areas that you need to improve. A good coach is not your friend. Coaching may not work for you if you are looking for affirmation and collusion.

Let’s now discuss the factors that make high-achieving people more likely to coach.

Why to Hire a Coach

4. It has been a wonderful day!

Even if you are changing for the better, it can be thrilling, challenging, frightening, and even disorienting. Undoubtedly, a decision made in one area can have ripple effects on the rest. For example, a new job could have a negative impact on your health, relationships and where you live.

Transitions can often force us to question our identity or take for granted the abilities we have. It can be difficult to let go of the things you have, especially if it feels like you should be extremely happy. The right coach will help you to examine your past constructs and inner worlds.

5. Something horrible has happened

Whether you’ve lost your job, had your business fail, or have children leave home, many of us want to avoid the pain of grief and try to get through it all. However, we often end up feeling resentful and depressed for much longer.

It can help you to spend less time in despair by taking the time to grieve the traumatic events in your life. You can find a qualified coach who will offer support and comfort while you grieve.

A professional coach can help you to learn from your struggles and move forward, whether you’re working on dismantling your home, marriage, or career.

6. Nothing is happening

Something terrible has happened to everyone on the planet. It will only continue to be true if you tell the story to yourself that it is your truth. It doesn’t have be this way.” Hugh Jackman

Maybe you’re trying to improve your situation but nothing seems to work.

You will need to shift your beliefs and attitudes in order to achieve the results that you desire. A new coaching relationship is a great time to remove accumulated layers of identity.

Fear of failure is the greatest enemy of ideas and plans. Fear of failure is more than just a lack in knowledge or skills.

People are not willing to take the chance of failure. But failure at any action, or even failing to act, can be a great learning opportunity.

The right coach can help you get out of a rut and break free from self-limiting beliefs and patterns.

7. It’s possible

Everybody needs a coach. People who give feedback are essential for us all. “That’s how we improve.” – Bill Gates

You have something you want in your life, but you’re not sure how to make it happen.

It may feel like your grip is too tight and you are unable to move. Self-limiting behaviors are often the most damaging when you have to take chances for the sake of changing.

Great coaches can help you stay on track and overcome obstacles that could hinder your goals, dreams, and plans. You can trust them to help you overcome the anxiety, resistance, panic, and fear that may arise when you create something new and exciting, especially in your primary relationships.

8. I am stuck

Oprah Winfrey: “Coaching can help you stop the crazy mind chatter that tells your brain that you are not good enough.”

It is possible to feel stuck, confused or at a crossroads. It is possible to feel defeated, resigned, or confused. Your point of view can often be the key factor in the stuck, blocked, or stalled feeling you are experiencing.

You can get out of helplessness by learning how to recognize and dissolve the negative beliefs running in your background.

To help you define fulfillment for you, a coach will be there to guide you. Fulfillment is living a fulfilled, purposeful and happy life. Balance is choosing to live a life that is focused on a compelling vision and is action-oriented.

9. I need your help to figure out “What’s the next ?”

Maybe you have left a bad job or ended an abusive relationship. Congratulations. Although you may not know what the next step is, it’s important to let go of your empty brags and identify what you don’t want.

As you plan for a new chapter in your life, a coach can help you to discover yourself and guide you through the process.

A coach can help you explore your life and ask powerful questions to break down your defenses. You will be more open to learning about your life and willing to take on difficult challenges.

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