AnkerWork’s new PowerConf C200 Budget 2-K Webcam is a great performer

You may already be aware that older laptops can have terrible quality. If you are using a desktop computer, then you probably know that they don’t have a webcam. This means you will need to search for a quality webcam for your Teams, Zoom, and Skype meetings. There are many poor quality webcams available on the market. I write about any good ones here.

AnkerWork’s PowerConf C200 webcam is my latest review. Regular readers will recall that I loved the AnkerWork PowerConfC300 webcam when I reviewed it back in 2011. AnkerWork now offers this webcam at a very affordable price. It has 2K HD resolution, and has a privacy shutter. This model is simple, but it does what it does well.

The PowerConf C200 is a small square-shaped webcam that connects via a USB-C cable. It terminates in a USB A connector for the host computer. It has an integrated folding stand that allows it to be placed on top of a computer’s monitor or lid. It also has a standard thread that can be used to mount the webcam onto a variety of clamps, grips, or tripods.

The PowerConf C200 can be used with any Windows or macOS system. However, AnkerWork software is available as a free download. It allows you to adjust settings such as image resolution, angle, and even anti-flicker. You can also adjust the software manually to change brightness, sharpness and contrast, as well as saturation. If you prefer to flip the image, it can be done.

The AnkerWork software’s final settings tab allows you to select the pattern for the two noise-canceling and AI microphones built into your webcam. The setting toggles between stereo and omnidirectional audio and allows you to change the pattern. The microphones are excellent quality and should be sufficient for most users.

The maximum resolution of the webcam’s image sensor is 1,440p (2K). Slow connections can have it downsampled to as low as 360p. You can adjust the field of view to suit your needs by switching between 65deg (78deg) and 95deg (95deg). These settings are great for larger rooms where more people need to be included in the shot. The 65deg setting is best for one user and more flattering than the larger settings.

The PowerConf C200 produces clear images. But the best thing about this webcam is its ability to adjust exposure for low-light or backlit conditions. Although the images are not as sharp as those of the PowerConf C300, the autofocus is responsive.

AnkerWork’s PowerConf C200 does not have the same image quality as the more expensive PowerConf C300, which uses the H264 codec. The privacy cover is built into the C200 and can be adjusted using the slider at the top of your webcam. Bright red plastic is used to make the privacy cover’s leaves. This makes it easy for users to know when privacy is turned on. A white LED illuminates the webcam when it is active.

Verdict The AnkerWork PowerConf C200 webcam is a great value and the square design looks great on top of a laptop or monitor lid. Although the 2K resolution is a little shady as most video conferencing software cannot support higher resolutions than 1080p, it’s not impossible for some to do so. The PowerConf C200’s ability to handle low-light settings, backlit scenes is the best thing about it. Most webcams that I have reviewed struggle with a darker background. They tend to make users’ faces too dark. The AnkerWork PowerConf C200 webcam is a great choice if you are looking to replace your laptop’s webcam or for your office desktop computer.

Pricing & Availability: $69.99.

More information:

Tech Specs:

  • Resolution: 2K/1,440.
  • Autofocus is the focus type.
  • Built-in mic: AI Stereo (directional or omnidirectional).
  • USB Connectivity: USB A termination and USB C on webcam.
  • Compatible devices: Mac OS 10.14+ & Windows 7/8/10.
  • Software compatibility: Mac OS 10.14+ & Windows 7/8/10 2.0.
  • USB speed: 2.0
  • Video codec: MJPEG YUV
  • Field of view: 65deg 78deg 95deg
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