Apple iOS 15.5: Three Brilliant New iPhone Features Available Right Now

Apple will release iOS 15’s last update any day now, possibly as early as Monday May 16 or Tuesday May 17 (unless there is a crisis).

These are the top features that we can expect from the update.

1. Apple

This is a big deal. Apple purchased the Primephonic classical music app in august 2021. Apple has been talking a lot about classical music lately. It’s not surprising that iOS 15.5 beta software mentions Apple Classical.

It is still unclear what exactly it will mean. It will be an app that is completely separate or part of Apple Music. It will most likely be the same, but it’s possible.

Is it possible to add this fee, or will it be included in the $9.99 Apple Music subscription fee? Will it serve as an incentive to subscribers to upgrade to Apple One? If so, any additional fees will be waived.

Apple will likely want it to be part of its Apple Music subscription. They will proclaim it as the best streaming service for classical music in the world and it will do so at no additional cost.

This beta software is the foundation for the Classical app, but it’s possible that it may not be available yet.

2. Apple Pay Cash

This feature will be upgraded in iOS 15.5, with Send and Request buttons being spotted in beta Apple Pay Cash in Wallet. Apple Pay Cash users will be able to send and receive money using these buttons.

3. Reader apps can also be accessed via external website links

There will likely be some updates to the under-the-hood that address purchases made outside of the App Store. Apple already allows developers of reader apps like Spotify, Netflix, and others to obtain what’s known as an External Link Account Entitlement.

Although it sounds tedious, this link could be very useful for Netflix subscribers. Subscribers can follow the link to either sign up or manage their existing Netflix subscriptions. These will warn you that cancelling a subscription via an external link is not possible through the App Store. You must contact the company directly if you have signed up for it.

Other changes

Podcasts will be receiving a slight upgrade. This allows you to limit the number of episodes stored on your device storage, and delete older ones.

The Home app will display the signal indicators for HomePods. This is especially useful if there are multiple networks in your home, and HomePods invariably switch to the wrong network at the wrong time.

The new update will be available in the coming days. Keep checking back for updates. We’ll be reporting as soon as they become available.

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