Apple iOS 15.6: This Update Will Fix That Surprise iPhone Bug

A bug in iOS 15 has been discovered that is very strange and preposterous. It would not stop your iPhone working but it would have an extremely specific effect. It was first discovered in May.

This issue seems to be addressed by the latest iOS 15.6 report, which is currently in beta but will likely reach general release within the next few weeks.

The problem was that Apple Music would not install when you downloaded it from the App store. It would instead place itself in spot 4 on your home screen dock if an Apple app was already installed. This was especially bad if Spotify was the app that was installed in this spot. It was as if Apple was saying Apple Music should be at the forefront of your mind and placed in your dock, rather than any other app.

Apple stated that it was investigating the issue and went to great lengths to clarify that this was not an intentional feature, but a bug. After much discussion about why Apple was “kicking applications out of the dock”, this was done.

This bug has been fixed and will end the confusion experienced by some iPhone users. It’s not widespread, but Apple Music is installed by default on every iPhone. The only way to make it happen is if you delete the app and decide you need it again.

There are also a few updates to the beta: The Home app mentions Matter accessories, as a first step. Matter is a standard for smart home connectivity that has been supported by Apple, Google and Amazon. This should allow more devices to work seamlessly with HomeKit.

With minor modifications, shortcuts are also mentioned in the beta.

Only one issue is mentioned in the release notes: Xcode 13.4 cannot prepare iOS 15.6 beta devices to be developed.

Although we are not yet at the point where 15.6 is available for general release, it is possible that it will be in the next few weeks or days.

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