Apple iPad: A New Leak Reveals a Significant Design Upgrade Within Days

According to Mark Gurman, Bloomberg, the next iPad operating system will make a significant change in how the Apple tablet is used. It’s only days away as it will be showcased at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference next Monday, June 6.

June 3 update below. This post was published for the first time on June 2, 2022.

June 3 update. The Elec just published an update that included some interesting iPad design news. This time, it was for the hardware and not the OS.

According to the report, Samsung is in the process of creating an OLED production line.

It is talking about Gen 8 OLED. The report says that Gen 8.5 substrates (2200x2500mm), are bigger than the Gen 6 (1500x1850mm), which is widely used for smartphones. It is therefore more productive and efficient for larger OLED panels that are intended for IT products like tablets and notebooks em>.

Samsung produces both laptops and tablets. But wait, who is the customer?

The line says that it is directed at Apple which plans to use OLED panels more in its tablet and PC lineups.

That’s quite interesting.

The new Gen 8.5 line will likely start production in 2024. Production of the new Gen 8.5 line is expected to begin in 2024 em>

It’s still a ways off but we might see OLED iPads sooner than expected. “Apples first OLED tablet __ will be available in 11-inch or 12.9-inch sizes and will use Samsung Display and LG Displays existing Generation 6 lines.”

This is a very specific statement and it gives us an idea of the OLED display’s intended target audience. The iPad Pro is the only tablet available in these sizes. This is not surprising.

The fact that the OLED iPad Pro’s first OLED iPad Pro will be made from the existing Gen 6 products shows that we don’t need to wait until 2024 to get the latest screen tech on the Apple iPad Pro.

As with all leaks, you need to take some caution. This is far from the first OLED iPad rumor.

The timing is perfect. I found it absurd that some claimed the iPad Pro would be switching to OLED this year. Apple doesn’t discontinue a technology just because it introduces it one year.

An OLED iPad Pro 2023? That’s a very appealing prospect. Let’s now talk about how the iPadOS design changes will be revolutionary.

One of the most desired changes is one that has been on many people’s wish lists for a while: improved multitasking. An iPad is a powerful computer, especially when it has a keyboard attached to it. Apple’s latest ad stated that “Your next computer will not be a computer”. The iPad Pro is indeed more powerful than many regular laptops.

Multitasking is a problem with iPadOS 16. According to Gurman’s sources, iPadOS 16 will feature a “redesigned multitasking interface” that makes it easier for users to switch between tasks and see which apps are open.

Gurman’s main sentence is: “It also allows users to resize app window and offer new ways for users of multiple apps to be handled at once.” This is a great idea and it overcomes many of the iPad’s limitations for productivity.

It has been common to believe that the iPad’s hardware is so powerful that the software can’t keep up. This perception has changed with the introduction of the Apple M1 processor, which is also found in the iPad Pro and Apple’s desktop and laptop computers.

Gurman claims that this announcement will be the largest at the conference. No kidding. You are currently limited to only two windows that run side-by-side, plus one that pops up over them to sit at their edges. A move to windows you have the ability to resize will change the seismic proportions.

An announcement will be followed shortly by a beta release for developers and then a public beta. The final general release software will be available in the fall.

We will keep you updated with more details.

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