Apple iPhone Suffers Suddenly from a Surprising Bug. Apple Confirms

Apple has confirmed that a new bug was discovered in the iPhone 13 series as well as millions more iPhones. Although it isn’t malicious and won’t cause your iPhone to stop working, it’s curious and maybe a bit impolite.

This bug, which was discovered recently, could affect a lot of users. It is applicable to iPhones running iOS 15 or earlier and it concerns an extremely specific set of circumstances related to Apple Music.

Kevin Archer is an iOS developer who noticed the unusual behavior. This is what happens when Apple Music is downloaded from the App Store. The app will be installed on your iPhone in the next spot available, right? Wrong. Apple Music will be able to access third-party apps that are located in the fourth spot on your home screen dock.

If you have Spotify installed in position 4 in your dock, then when you download Apple Music it will launch Spotify and move it to the home screen while it installs Apple Music’s competitor app. This is what Archer tweeted.

It’s funny, not a serious problem. To see it you must have previously deleted Apple Music and then downloaded it again. Only then it will appear in the dock.

Let’s be clear: this is not a feature. Apple has told 9to5Mac, as well as several other publications, that it is investigating the issue. It’s not targeting Spotify, and other apps will be removed if they’re in the fourth position on the dock–which happens to be the default position for Apple Music. It’s almost as if Apple Music is returning to the place it most feels at home.

It’s actually a more complicated bug than this. Some Twitter users pointed out that Apple’s apps such as Safari and Mail could be pushed from the dock by newly downloaded Apple Music. Sometimes, it might even install itself in position three of the dock.

Dim Sartz, another developer claims that this issue has been around since iOS 12, when Apple made it possible for users to delete their apps. Apple Music is “the only one that can be deleted from the four apps that are automatically placed on the dock”. It seems like they didn’t consider what might happen in this situation.

It doesn’t matter if that’s true or not, it is clear that iOS wants certain default apps to be placed in specific places. As has been suggested, it is unlikely that Apple manipulates the system to move rivals to Apple Music: any third-party app placed in the dock position will be bumped.

Apple is nearing iOS 15.5, so this issue may be addressed in time for the update. In the event that iOS 15.5.1 is not released, you can expect iOS 15.5.1 shortly.

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