Apple Slams Google and Facebook With Bold Privacy Ad

Apple has launched a bold new advertisement in which it criticizes the privacy-invading practices of Google and Facebook.

App Tracking Transparencyis one of Apple’s most prominent iPhone features. This anti-tracking tool has hurt Facebook’s revenues, costing it an estimated $12 billion.

The most recent Apple privacy advertisement focuses on all privacy features of the iPhone maker. The advertisement is placed at an auction. “The next sale will be a digital treasure chest–charming Ellie’s private data,” announces the auctioneer as Ellie enters the room.

Number one slot is her email, while number two is her drugstore purchases.

Ellie’s contact information, location data and transactions are up for sale by the auctioneer. Her browsing history, late-night texting habits and browsing history are also available for purchase.

The ad by Apple suddenly shows everyone in the auction disappearing. This is because Ellie is using Apple’s Privacy Protection “Protect mail Activity” which stops marketers from collecting information such as your time and location.

Apple’s privacy-focused marketing strategy

The iPhone maker is a long-standing champion of privacy. It can afford to use this area in its marketing, as its revenue model is more focused than advertising.

Apple’s new ad helps to raise awareness about the data collection and tracking that occurs every day. The Day in Your Data whitepaper by Apple explains how the industry collects increasing amounts of personal data.

“A complex ecosystem that includes apps, social media companies and data brokers tracks users online and offline and harvests their personal data.

This data is gathered, shared, aggregated and used in real time auctions to fuel a $227 billion industry. As people live their day, this happens every day.

Apple’s App Tracking Transparency function helps to prevent this. It requires that companies such as Facebook request explicit permission to track your movements across apps and websites. Other privacy controls for iPhones include location services privacy controls and Safari’s intelligent track prevention. Ellie also uses Mail Privacy Protection in the Apple ad. The App Privacy report was launched in iOS 15.2.

The Apple ad highlights all these features and takes a subtle swipe at Google and Facebook. What’s not to love?

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