Apple to Launch a Surprise New Apple TV, According to Insider

According to a new report, Apple will launch an all-new Apple TV streaming device in the next few months. It could even be weeks away.

TFI Securities’ reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo just tweeted the news that the new box will be available in the second half this year. That is, anytime starting July 1.

The new Apple TV will offer something unique: a low price. The Apple TV is not prohibitively expensive, but it’s still a great choice when compared to other products like the Amazon Fire Stick.

Amazon’s Fire TV Stick 4K is available for $49.99. If you don’t require 4K compatibility and TV controls in your remote, it can be purchased for as low as $29.99.

For comparison, the latest Apple TV 4K box costs $179 for the 32GB storage model and $199 for 64GB. The HD version, which has 32GB storage, is still cheaper than the 4K model but costs $149.

It’s quite the price difference.

Let’s not forget that the new Apple TV is by far the most advanced version. This is largely due to the amazing new remote, which I would say is the best on market. It has an intuitive interface, system-wide Siri and a pleasant simplicity of buttons.

Kuo states that there is a need for greater competition. A model that “improves cost structure” might be a good option.

But is that the Apple way? Amazon is transparent about the fact that its hardware sells for around its cost while Apple wants to make a profit each device.

True, but HomePod mini is a new release that has made things much easier and sets a good precedent.

The HomePod was an expensive device that cost $349 at its launch in February 2018. Although the price dropped slightly, it was still a very expensive device. It sounded better than any of the competitors.

Apple’s smaller version was introduced in 2020. However, it surprised many people with its price: $99! This price is still applicable today.

It was therefore the same price as the fourth-generation Amazon Echo. The HomePod mini’s success was due to Amazon matching its price.

The little speaker from Apple also sounds better than Amazon’s.

Could Apple pull off an identical feat with Apple TV, delivering a new box that is similarly priced to its rivals?

Apple TV+, the streaming service is already priced at $4.99 per month and has a strong reputation for providing high-quality, excellent programming. The subscription service and hardware could be boosted by the addition of an affordable box. Kuo claims that it will “close the gap between its competitors”.

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