Apple Watch Series 7 and Oura Ring Generation 3 Head to Head

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Another Thing: Oura Ring Generation 3, vs Apple Watch Series 7,

Monitoring our health is an integral part of every day. It can be used to check if we have burned enough calories or analyze our sleep patterns and heart rate. Both the Apple Watch and the smart ring have many functions. Let’s see how they compare.

Oura Ring Generation 3 starting at $299

The Oura, or aura as it is known, is one of most discreet and easy-to-wear health monitors. This is particularly useful at night if you are tracking your sleep, which is a highlight here. This is much more convenient than wrist-worn monitors that can be bulky or distracting at night. It’s so easy to wear that I sometimes forget it, even though it charges in a little more than an hour each five days.

It is clear that the data is aimed at athletes and sportpeople. For example, it advises that recovery today is not as great as it should be. So, take it easy with your training today. It’s equally useful for everyone else. It monitors Heart Rate Variability (HRV), which is a metric that can be used to predict whether there are symptoms or if tests can detect it. It is not yet available on either of these devices. However, the Apple Watch Series 7 can also measure HRV and would need clearances or approvals to make this happen. It is, however, quite interesting to be able to view this data.

Oura’s latest version now has continuous hearing rate monitoring. This is a welcome improvement to the previous version and informs the app of its insights. Next year, it will also monitor your heart rate during exercise.

There’s also the sleep analysis, which provides more detail than Apple’s data, and includes indications of deep sleep or REM sleep.

Temperature sensors can analyze your sleep and predict when your period will start. I have not been able to test this as a man. Obviously.

The new Oura automatically tracks activity, including my favorite: the afternoon nap. It will be able to monitor blood oxygen levels next year thanks to the new sensors.

While most of the data is available for free, there is a $6.99 per month fee to access more insight with Oura membership. Six months of membership are free. After that, you will see basic data.

You can choose from silver, gold, stealth, gloss black or stealth (that’s matt black).

Apple Watch Series 7

As you probably know, this is more than just a health monitor. It provides directions and shares notifications. You can also unlock your iPhone with no need to remove a face mask.

There are many similar features. Sleep tracking is a simple example. Apple’s unique approach, which focuses on the time before bedtime, is very smart. However, I miss the additional data Oura has. I do recognize, however, that Apple’s main goal is to get everyone on board with sleeping tracking. This makes it a very accessible approach.

The Watch’s heart rate tracking is amazing. It will also alert me if my heart rate is unusually high or low. The Watch will also detect if I have fallen hard and have not gotten up and notify emergency services if necessary.

The other abilities include telling me if my hearing is going to be affected if I remain too long in an environment.

It can measure my blood oxygen levels, and it can also take an ECG.


Both devices have their own unique features and the Apple Watch is more capable than the Oura Ring. The Oura Ring’s combination of a discreet, lightweight, and attractive design, as well as highly accurate sensors, makes it a wonderful piece of kit that may become a must-have.

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