Apple Watch Series 8: A Surprising Design Discovery In New Leak

According to a new report, Apple Watch models will be in high demand this fall. The designs aren’t as other rumors suggest. It’s easy for rumors and leaks to point in the same direction. Let’s not forget that last year, respected analysts agreed that the Apple Watch Series 7 would be a flat-edged and flat-screened model.

Although Apple claimed that it had a tougher, more robust design than Series 6, this didn’t materialize.

Now, @AppleLeaksPro has made a series claiming about the future. Here are the things we have learned.

Three Watches are coming

This is in line with other rumors so it’s a good place to start. There will be an Apple Watch Series 8 which is a sure thing. A new Apple Watch SE is also expected, which is logical considering the two-year-old original SE. This is consistent with reports that Apple Watch Series 3 will be discontinued this year. Apple Watch SE will take the place of an entry-level Watch.

The third watch is aimed at sports enthusiasts and will be ruggedized accordingly. This is in line with other reports. However, @LeaksApplePro differs from the others.

How about the design?

According to rumors, a flat-edged design will be arriving this year. This is contrary to what was previously believed. It’s a good idea, as it brings the Watch’s industrial design language in line with the iPhone and iPad (apart form the entry-level tablet).

This report contradicts all rumors. It states: “You shouldn’t expect a redesign, flat edges, or just an internal update.

The flat-edged design that was leaked was not seen and it was quickly determined by people who had seen them that they were authentic. Since they weren’t available for Apple Watch Series 7, it could be assumed they were designs for another year. So 2022.

@LeaksApplePro insists that no new model, even the ruggedized one he calls “an Extreme Edition”, is being redesigned.

This claim is valid, even though I love new designs. Apple has never released a Watch design only to abandon it the following year. It would make sense if Apple kept the Series 7 design for Apple Watch Series 8 or Apple Watch SE but created the Extreme Edition with a flatter design.


Let’s talk about pricing. “While I haven’t heard much about the Extreme Edition, I don’t expect it to be less than Series 8, which will retail at $399.”

It’s not surprising, I suppose. If it offers something more in the way of greater resistance in sportsy situations, it won’t be less expensive, right? Let’s not forget that the first Apple Watch was available in three versions: Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch Edition and Apple Watch Edition. The Sport was the most expensive.

However, things have changed. I believe we need to know more about the Extreme Edition’s materials as they play a major role in Apple’s pricing. The Extreme Edition may be more expensive if it is a higher-end model than the previous Apple Watch Editions.

We can expect more leaks between now and the launch of this year’s Apple Watch.

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