Apple Watch Series 8 Insider Teases A Spectacular Upgrade

Apple Watch is the only product that has Apple’s health monitoring capabilities. A new tweet from Ming-Chi Kuo, TFI Securities’ reliable Ming-Chi Kuo, suggests that a new sensor might be on the horizon.

The analyst believes that Apple Watch Series 8 could include body temperature sensing. This sensor was predicted to arrive with Apple Watch Series 7.

Kuo claims that Apple has canceled the body temperature measurement of Apple Watch 7 due to failure of the algorithm to qualify prior entering EVT stage last season.

EVT is Engineering Validation Test. If Kuo is right, then the intended inclusion was canceled due to software reasons.

This is logical. This makes sense. Kuo says: “The problem in implementing precise body temp measurement is that skin temperature rapidly varies depending upon outside environments. The smartwatch cannot support core temperature measurement using hardware. It needs an algorithm that works well together.

There’s more. Kuo claims that Apple Watch Series 8 could “take body temperatures” if the algorithm meets Apple’s strict requirements before mass production. This seems appropriate considering we are talking about a watch.

Rumours suggest that the feature was originally planned for last year, but Apple wasn’t satisfied enough with the situation to include it. If so, surely it would take another year for everything to come together. This could be true, but Apple is known for being meticulous about such things. It will not include anything that doesn’t work.

The problem is not limited to Apple. Kuo claims Samsung is developing a body temperature feature to its next Galaxy Watch smartwatch. This feature is expected to be available in the second half this year. It seems that the algorithm is also the problem.

The Apple Watch could monitor your body temperature, which would make it a natural next step.

There are still four months to go before the Apple Watch Series 8 arrives.

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