Batterygate Payout Delays: Bad News for iPhone Owners

Millions of iPhone owners will have to wait longer for compensation after the Batterygate scandal.

After Apple settled the case in March, more than 2 million Americans will receive a payout from Apple . Apple deliberately hampered certain iPhone models’ performance to conserve battery life. Apple agreed to pay at most $310 million in settlement to the Northern District of California case, although it has not admitted any wrongdoing.

The court approved the settlement in March. However, there have been several appeals. According to a Bloomberg Law report last week, the case had been “repeated by several appeals to Ninth Circuit by individuals as well as a business opposed to its fees.”

A spokesperson for the claims administrator confirmed the filing of multiple appeals and said that settlement payments could not be made to eligible claimants until these appeals are resolved.

The spokesperson stated that they don’t know how long it would take to resolve appeals.

Payment uncertainty

In the final court settlement, it was revealed that 2,268,860 claims had been approved for compensation. This is pending deduplication. The court documents suggest that the amount each claimant will receive is significantly more than the $25 minimum originally set.

According to settlement documents posted in March, “Class Counsel” estimates that each Settlement Class member will receive $65 per Approved Claims.

Partly, the amount of compensation will depend on the fees paid to the lawyers involved in the case. In addition to substantial costs and fees, the attorneys received more than $80million in fees. These are all deducted from any compensation that is paid to iPhone owners. At least one appeal is reportedly objecting to the amount being paid to the lawyers.

Case that has been in existence for a long time

Appeal delays will only exacerbate the frustration for affected iPhone owners who have waited so long for their compensation.

Batterygate affected handsets as far back to the iPhone 6 (released in September 2014). Customers who had eligible handsets (which included the iPhone 6 Plus and 6s, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7 Plus and 7 Plus) were invited to submit compensation claims last year. Last October, the window closed for applications.

The Northern District of California case is just one of many that were brought forward following the Battergate scandal.

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