Do not panic, here are the facts parents need to know about ‘Huggy Wuggy.

There are a growing number of articles on the Huggy Wuggy character, which you may have seen in horror survival game . Similar to the Momo Challenge stories this one is often accompanied by a scary blue character with sharp teeth and red lips, and warnings about how it could have an adverse effect on children.

There is no evidence linking the game to it. Instead, warnings by head teachers and police have misinformed about the game’s content and possible impact on children.

The majority of panic surrounding related content on YouTube and TikTok that features game characters in disturbing situations is due to YouTube and TikTok. One of the videos featured Free Hugs with the lyrics “Cause you could just hug me here.” Forever, forever. “Till you take your last breath.”

Parents and guardians should be aware of the dangers involved in deleting this game from their children’s devices. Instead of reacting in a snap, this is a chance for you to have a conversation with your child about the content. Then, make an informed decision.

Poppy Age Rating

It is an intense experience that will thrill and disturb. It has been rated suitable for 13-year-olds and 12-year-olds respectively by ESRB. This includes descriptors of Violence, Blood, and Moderate Violence from PEGI.

VSC Rating Board extended the PEGI rating with the statement that “this game features danger and dread throughout the character’s exploration of an abandoned factory. One intense sequence sees the player’s character being pursued by a monster through dark air vents. Another sequence involves a heavy box being dropped onto a fantasy character, which causes it to fall from height. The character hits the pipes and gets blood.

This is the case for the actual game and not any fan-created content. Unofficial fan-made versions of Roblox are also available ( Playtime Morphs), but they do not fall within the purview of ESRB and PEGI because they are user-generated content.

Parents should take the time to research the source of potentially disturbing content. We need to understand the source of potentially upsetting content so that we can set up appropriate settings for our children’s video and social media accounts. Also, we must not react too strongly to a game.

Stories about Poppy and the Huggy Wuggy characters can spiral out of control, much like the Momo Challenge. Already, reports have been made linking the Huggy Wuggy scary character to children jumping from windows and holding onto their breath playing playground games.

This can lead to a confused response to real concerns that children may have. If a child is upset by something online, banning them from a video game that they enjoy makes it less likely that they will talk to their parents.

This panicked response can lead to separation between parents and the gaming world of their children. It is better to use rating advice and play the game yourself. This allows us to be in the gaming world with our children and offer informed guidance.

Poppy Time Creator

Zach Belanger, the President and CEO at Enchanted Mob that created the Popeye Playtime game, was my interview. I wanted to know who the game was targeted at. “Poppy Playtime wasn’t created to target any one audience. Remember that this was our first game, and that our primary goal was to make something we enjoyed playing. We are passionate about creating content that is enjoyable for all age groups. It is not accurate to say that Poppy Playtime was created to be enjoyed by children or adults. Rather, our goal was to entertain and inspire anyone who chose to play the game.

This in mind, I was curious if schools’ warnings had been surprising. “The majority of the school warnings about Huggy Wuggy are false and/or exaggerated. We have read that Huggy Wuggy whispers scary things to one’s ear when they play, but anyone who has played Poppy Playtime will know that Huggy doesn’t even have a voice at Chapter 1. It’s impossible for him not to have whispered any of these things.”

“As far we know, all these school warnings are originating in fan-made content based on our game. But, if you want to my personal opinion, I don’t think any of these videos should cause concern. We appreciate all the hardwork and dedication that our fans put into creating content inspired by Poppy Playtime.

Huggy Wuggy Song Creator

Igor Gordiyenko, also known as TryHardNinja on YouTube, is the creator of one of the most popular fan content pieces. The Huggy Wuggy song has been viewed over 5 million times.

I was curious about the inspiration and the reason behind the lyrics. The story and legend of Huggy Wuggy, from Poppy Playtime inspired me to write the song. The player explores a toy factory where all employees have disappeared. Some of the toys there were once dangerous killer monsters. Huggy Wuggy is the antagonist monster in the game. The game’s jingle and soundtrack have the lyrics: “He’ll squeeze your ’til it pops”. It would have been creative to make the original song, which refers to hugging forever, into something more sinister to reflect his sinister new persona.

I asked him what he thought about the song’s response and the warnings in the headlines. “As a father I understand the concern. The song was not written to be frightening young children. It’s a song that is based on Poppy Playtime’s monster. Rated for teens and older. My video targets the same audience.

“The visuals and themes of my song and video reflect the character’s history, actions, and portrayal in the game. I’m not trying to make innocent characters scarier than they already are. Huggy Wuggy, much like Chucky in Child’s Play is a horror character. My song is intended for fans of the source material, which is not suitable for children under 5.

I asked him about his efforts to prevent younger children from having access to the video. “As a YouTube creator, I have done everything possible to ensure that the video is not available to children under 13. The video was uploaded at the time it was posted. Since then, the video has been marked “Not made to be used by children.” I have been conducting periodic sweeps of YouTube Kids since reports started about a month back. I have not found the video or song. While I can understand why my video would be inappropriately recommended to young children, all evidence points to previous reports stating that it is on YouTube Kids being false.

If parents were concerned about their children being upset by the song, what advice would he give them? “As a parent, I would talk with my child about the content, their feelings, and assure them that Huggy Wuggy isn’t harmful even after I have done my best to remove it.

Keeping Children Safe

Parents and professionals can help children learn online best practices, rather than telling them about dangers like Momo or Huggy Wuggy.

Children can thrive when there is openness and transparency around online activity. It’s worth asking them if they are switching between screens when you approach them or if they have new email addresses or numbers on their devices.

You can keep YouTube and video games in your shared family space. You can also restrict access to friends in video games. This could include Poppy Playtime themed add-ons. You should also make sure Restricted mode is enabled for your child’s Account so that they are not able to access any content.

There are many good alternatives to Popeye Playtime if you’re looking for something younger.

  1. Luigi’s Mansion (ESRB E FOR EVERYONE)
  2. Obakeidoro (ESRB E FOR EVERYONE)
  3. Costume Quest (ESRB E10+)
  4. Subnautica (ESRB E10+)
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