Europe Travel: Two Remaining Big Guns Remove Travel Restrictions for June

The press is calling it the summer of ‘revenge travel’ and the statistics make the point–despite travelers’ fears of inflation, Covid and safety, and despite huge staff shortages in the travel and hospitality industry–

Many European countries have eased travel restrictions across the region. However, during most of May, the largest–France and Spain– had strict restrictions . Italy and Germany have lifted travel restrictions starting in June.

Germany eases summer travel restrictions

Karl Lauterbach (German Health Minister) announced that the 3G rule for entering the country will be suspended until September. The 3G rule requires that travelers have a valid vaccine, recovery or test certificate to be able to enter the country. A decision will be made after the summer season about Covid infection rates.

The country has a clause that states travelers from “areas of virus variant” must still enter quarantine for 14 day. There are currently no countries on this list.

The new law does not apply to those who are from the EU/EEA, a country on a safe list or are fully vaccinated. Germany will recognize vaccines on the WHO Emergency Use List for summer. This includes vaccines that have been approved to be used in the EU. This adds to the number of people who have had CoronaVac or Sinopharm BIBP, and Covaxin.

To be considered fully vaccinated, 14 days must pass after the second dose. A booster is needed after 9 months.

Italy lifts travel restrictions

It was announced by the Italian Ministry of Health that it will not renew the requirement for travelers to present a certificate of vaccination, recovery, or test certificate upon their arrival. This applies regardless of whether they are from Italy or abroad. The requirement to fill out a Passenger Locator form was already eliminated by the ministry of Health on 31 May.

France and Spain still have bureaucratic barriers. Spain is now available to unvaccinated travellers with testing, as is France– the most up-to-date rules and regulations for entering France can been found here.

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