Europe’s Best Time to Travel: Heatwaves, Strikes and Cancellations – but with fewer costs, restrictions

These statistics are actually quite alarming. There are more people traveling than ever before, and there are more cancellations of flights across Europe, the U.K., and the U.S. It might be a great time to travel despite the heatwaves and rising ticket prices. The exchange rate.


For instance, in April, Greece saw an 8844% increase of flight arrivals compared to the previous year. In addition, 6 million tourists are expected from Bulgaria this summer.

The disruption is just beginning. The Guardian reported the chaos caused by the confluences of Father’s Day, Juneteenth and a season of revenge travel. There were 4,200 delays and 900 cancellations on Sunday. This combined to an astounding 19,000 flights that were disrupted since Thursday. According to the TSA, Friday 17 June was the busiest date for air travel this year.

The Telegraph reported the chaos at U.K. airlines and airports. Easyjet, Britain’s largest airline, has announced that it will cut thousands of flights before September’s end. Euro-wide, Ryanair crews called for ‘unlimited strikes’ over the summer to demand increased pay. A strike in Italy is being planned for June. According to Bloomberg, Lufthansa, Germany is cancelling 1,000 flights for July because of staff shortages.

Remember to include the incredible temperatures in Europe. Travelers should also be aware that water restrictions may affect vacation plans.

The highest airfares have been this year so far is the result. Elise Weber, co-founder of Skytra, stated that May’s ticket prices for domestic European and North American routes was the highest this year. Although European prices haven’t fluctuated as much as North America, they have been trending upwards since January.

The one positive for anyone who travels from the U.S. to Europe is that both currencies, USD and Euro, have reached parity for first time in twenty-years. This fact encourages Wise Senior Director of Global Expansion Sharon Anne Kean to recommend that you convert dollars to euro even if your plans to travel later this or next year.

Another useful tip to help you beat the chaos is: Try to not check any luggage .

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