France Travel: How to Beat Summer Price Hikes and Avoid Shortages

France expects a lot of tourists this summer, but Covid-19’s tail end and the inflationary crisis resulting from the Ukraine war mean that it could be bumpy for those who aren’t ready.

There is a shortage of hire cars. After two years of non-travel, demand is high for both domestic and international tourists. For instance, the weekly rental of a car on the Basque coast in Biarritz is EUR505 per week. The average rate for a car rental has increased by 96% according to Carigami, a comparison site that offers car rentals.

Carigami compared the costs of hiring cars in different parts of the country and found that it is cheaper to hire a car in Aix-en-Provence or Marseille than to rent a car in Nice. It is best to book as soon as possible, no matter where tourists choose to go.

There is a severe shortage of staff in the hospitality and restaurant sectors. According to The Local 237,000 workers were lost in these sectors between February 2020-February 2021 after many people were placed on furlough. They then found work elsewhere. It has been hard to get people back to work with long hours and low pay. There are currently over 200,000 vacant positions in France’s restaurant industry. France has a falling unemployment rate, which means there are more workers.

It will be harder than usual to find something that is open with enough tables and options to get served.

Plan well, make reservations and remember that, especially in rural France, lunch is typically only served between 12 and 2pm.

With food prices at an all time high, it’s worth looking for bargains in the weekly and daily markets. You should stick to seasonal produce but you can also buy late in the day, just before closing, when they are more likely sell their wares.

France still has travel restrictions unlike other countries in the region. Make sure you have all the paperwork to ensure a smooth journey.

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