France Travel: The Masks are Off, But What about Boosters and Red Tape?

French officials have announced that they will no longer enforce their mask mandate in public transport. This is the only place it remains, except for medical facilities. This rule will be in effect starting Monday 16 May.

This was the last decision of President Emmanuel Macron’s Council of Ministers, which took place on Wednesday. He will soon announce his new Prime Minister as well as a new group of ministers to help him in his second term.

Heath Minister Olivier Veran stated to the press that wearing a mask is still recommended, but that the rule was no longer appropriate. The rule was introduced almost two years ago, on the 11th of May 2020, when the European lockdowns were at their peak.

This move is in line with an EU recommendation that people remove the requirement to wear masks on planes and in transport hubs.

France remains one of the EU countries with covid-related travel restrictions. Many other EU travel restrictions have been removedacross France’s neighboring countries. France, Spain and Germany are some of the most important European travel destinations.

France’s Covid travel regulations are still being loosened. It has been a great time to visit France in the last two years . Most restrictions have been lifted for most people, particularly those who are fully vaccinated or come from a country classified as green (this was just expanded).

Anyone can enter France with a booster, and anyone travelling from a green-list nation can enter for non-essential purposes. This list now includes the U.S.A. and the U.K.

France’s Vaccine Pass no longer needs to be used for public spaces and events, such as concert venues and cinemas.

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