Frank Fourie, Entrepreneur helping business owners generate leads for their clients using artificial intelligence

We continue to see people starting their own businesses, from coaching to online courses to coaching. However, there is a second wave of entrepreneurs emerging that offers them the infrastructure and flexibility to succeed while remaining relatively lean. Lead generation has been a growing area in recent years. While digital marketing areas like PPC (Pay Per Click) ads continue to grow, traditional marketing methods such as cold calling are now being done more efficiently online. Frank Fourie, the founder of Millionaire Education Academy, is one of many entrepreneurs who started a business to help people generate leads.

Early Beginnings

Fourie, 24 years old, was born in South Africa. He always wanted to be an accountant and he traveled to Hong Kong to get work experience. This was where he met his first business contacts. He signed up for his first coaching session during this period. He was interested in fitness and had a good social media following, where people could ask for his advice. So he set up an online training business. Although it was slow at first, Fourie began to attract clients. He quickly discovered that his true talent lay in winning clients and not creating programs or training them. He decided to start a coaching business to help others get clients.

Scaling up with Artificial Intelligence

When he was building his business, the first niche that he decided to concentrate on was fitness. He taught fitness entrepreneurs how to create an online presence and get leads. Fourie taught them how to create leads and helped them with the rest. Fourie realized that a well-structured outbound strategy using platforms like Facebook and Linkedin could produce great results. This is not where most companies are looking. He was able to raise his prices per client and transfer his knowledge into other verticals. This allowed him to offer a more customized service to larger clients, who could afford his team to handle their outreach.

The business currently employs nine people. It is focused on building systems that use technology like artificial intelligence. This allows them to optimize and automate many of their processes and collect data. They are constantly iterating in order to scale up and provide efficient service to their clients. Fourie’s is a key part of the ecosystem as entrepreneurs become more successful and must win their clients. Fourie’s helps entrepreneurs find clients quickly so that they can concentrate on their core skills without needing to hire a large team, which would be costly.

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