Fury As Ring Increases Prices by 40%

Amazon-owned Ring raised the price of its subscriptions up to 40%, angering customers.

Ring security cameras or doorbells customers need a Ring Protect subscription in order to view and download video footage from the devices.

The company sent customers an email stating that it would be increasing the prices of its Ring Protect Basic plan in the U.K. starting July 1. Customers will see their annual prices increase from PS24.99 ($31), to PS34.99 ($44), a 40% increase. Customers from other countries report similar price increases.

Ring claims that it is trying to justify its price hikes by offering customers limited features such as extending the storage period from 30 days to 180 days and bulk downloading videos.

Ring customers were not happy with the news, and many vented their anger on social media.

Many customers claim they will cancel their subscriptions when renewals are due. One customer points out the enormous profits made by Amazon’s parent company Ring.

Others argue that the price increase is not justified by the new features.

Customers who are trying to cancel their subscriptions appear to also be experiencing technical difficulties:

Ring recommends customers who want to cancel Protect plans visit their account page at the Ring website.

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