Garmin Fenix 7 vs Epix 2, Which Is Better?

It’s not easy to choose a Garmin watch. Fenix or Forerunner Instinct or Venom? The Epix 2 and Garmin Fenix 7 are the latest pair to give you headaches.

This is Garmin’s typical conundrum. While there may be some differences on the outside, it can often take a lot of digging to find out which bands have advanced features. It may seem like they have everything. At least, it seems that way from a fitness tracking perspective.

The Garmin Fenix7 and Epix2 are slightly different. Based on a few months of testing, they have almost identical feature sets. They can be used to download maps from continents.

These are my top takeaways after two months of wearing these watches.

OLED gloss on the Epix 2 isn’t just superficial

The main difference between the Epix 2 and the Fenix 7 lines is the OLED screen. The Epix screen is OLED, while the Fenix 7 has a more traditional MIP screen.

The more ambient light, the clearer MIP displays will be. Bright day? Clearer screen. Clearer screen

The Epix 2 may be dismissed by some Garmin veterans as a more polished watch. However, the screen’s greater clarity is often very useful. The OLED is the best option for indoor use of one of the watch’s guided workouts. The Epix display’s greater punch is an asset for gym use.

It doesn’t hurt that the gloss is also available — it’s just a more pleasing screen to view indoors.

Titanium can make a huge difference

I have tested the Fenix 7 in stainless steel and the Epix 2 in titanium. The titanium models are lighter than the less expensive versions.

Although the difference is small, it can have a big impact on the feel of these watches. The stainless steel Fenix 7 was a bit bulky and heavy for sleep tracking. It also requires a tight fit for running, to prevent any movement.

Both cases are significantly improved by the titanium Epix 2. It is easier to wear and more stable on your wrist.

This isn’t an argument against Fenix 7. There are titanium watches available in the Epix 2 series, but they still have a slight weight advantage.

Still, the Fenix 7’s MIP Screen works better for exercising

The Garmin Epix 2’s OLED charms are great, but the MIP display on the Fenix 7 is superior for outdoor running. It is also a huge benefit for walkers and long-distance hikers.

The Epix 2’s OLED display is bright enough to be visible outdoors, but the always-on brightness mode makes it a bit less appealing. If you wish it to stay lit, the screen will, however, only use its maximum brightness for a brief window after you have pressed buttons or wrist flicks.

Because a high-power OLED panel that works hard to cut through ambient lighting requires a lot of battery. The Fenix 7’s standard for on-screen stats that are constantly clear and immediate doesn’t really work.

How bad is battery life?

Garmin claims that the Epix 2 has a 16-day battery life. This is close to the average of 18 days for the 47mm Fenix 7. It’s the only Garmin that I have ever used with an Always On display mode. With a few tracked runs, this reduces battery life to about six days.

If you don’t use GPS daily, the Fenix 7 can last for more than two weeks. It takes less than half the endurance to make a bolder display. Is it worth it?

The outcome of this one will depend on your experience. The Epix 2 will be a great upgrade to an older Apple Watch. If you are used to daily charging, it will also work well. Garmin users who have been around for a while will likely find it harder to square the drop.

Epix 2 has limited hardware options

Also, the Epix 2 offers far fewer options that the Fenix 7 line. The Fenix 7S is a smaller version, while the Fenix 7X is a larger model. There are two main differences: shorter and longer battery lives.

The Epix 2 doesn’t have a solar charging option. Garmin isn’t being overly generous. The Fenix 7 uses solar components in and around its screen. More R&D might be required to make it work with an OLED display.

The value verdict

Both the Garmin Fenix 7 & Epix 2 are identical. An Epix offers a more polished experience in the day but a shorter battery life and a less bright screen. Although the Epix 7 is a better choice, I found the Epix to be more enjoyable than the Fenix 7, despite the fact that it was lighter than the titanium model I used.

The Fenix 7 by Garmin is still the best option for average buyers. The Epix 2’s entry-level price is much lower than the Epix 7, and it does not offer enough value to justify its higher base price. OLED screens with comparable quality can be found in cheaper fitness trackers.

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