Generation Z’s adoption of new technology marks a new era in entertainment

Generation Z has led technological shifts in lifestyle media habits and lifestyle through mass adoption of many elements within the web3 universe as well as commercial generation using the web2 mechanics. This theory is supported by new research by Vice Media Groupe and Publicis Groupe’s Razorfish.

The The Metaverse: An Inside View from study found that Generation Z is spending more time in Metaverse-related situations and are closer to their online selves than any other generation. 57% of respondents stated that they feel more free to express themselves online than they do in person. 45% said that their digital identity is a better representation of who they are.

The modern definition of the Metaverse is heavily centered around multiplayer gaming. This has been a popular area in Fortnite for years. The early Metaverse revenue models are driven by digital goods, such as wearables and in-game rewards like NFTs.

Gaming from a general populous perspective has declined since the age of 18 in both the millennial and the generation x eras. At the moment, it is expected that younger millennials as well as generation z will continue to embrace digital technology well into adulthood. It could be a part of their daily lives or businesses.

Brands will be well-positioned to capitalize on this opportunity and will be the first to respond to market and lifestyle trends. Gen Z respondents also considered the possibility of having digital elements of a company in a metaverse, or across gaming.

Social trends

Zach Hirsch, a popular Gen Z social media influencer and cofounder of Mozverse, believes that his generation’s push to the digital world is not an accident.

Hirsch stated that The young people have a greater influence on dictating trends than any other group of society. “Whether it’s pop culture, or as consumers, we are the primary target audience of brands, corporations and businesses worldwide.”

“We are the definitive trendsetters and that will only increase with the adoption of metaverse. “The trend that I see will be continued by the generation following us, I believe.”

Hirsch started his Instagram account @ipickwins three years ago. He was able to correctly predict over 90% of the games. Many celebrities and influencers started to follow his picks, including Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather.

Hirsch earned a reputation for picking longshots and going against the majority of established handicappers. Before the start of the NFL Season, Hirsch had picked the LA Rams as his sleeper Super Bowl selection. He also selected Dmitry Bivol to defeat Canelo Alvarez, a prohibitive favorite on the Fight Guys Podcast.

His Instagram account now has more than a million verified fans, which he used to co-found Mozverse along with Danny Mozlin (tech entrepreneur), a start up that specializes developing custom NFT markets and Metaverse projects.

“Mozverse is my favorite pick out of all the ones I have made.” Hirsch said, “I’m all in on NFTs Web3 and the Metaverse.”

Hirsch recently was cast as co-host of Worldstar Hip-hop’s Sports Podcast along with Jadakiss, rapper. The Kiss and The Myst format combines culture and sports, with each episode featuring a different celebrity guest. After the premiere episodes in New York, they are now filming in Miami.

“Pairing Zach with Jada was a big risk due to his lack of experience, but I felt confident after filming one episode that it was a good decision. They know different sports and play off one another. It was great to work with them and watch them bond. They are the modern Odd Couple, and I see the show as a huge success. Daniel Cotton, Chief Operating Officer at Worldstar and Executive Produce of the show.

Hirsch spoke out about his current endeavors and the integration digital projects within his generation. This is why I am so excited about Mozverse.

“Young people have so many options to make a living. This is more than ever. The entertainment industry is a prime area for growth.

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