Goldring’s New EroicaHX Moving Coil Cartridge is The Easiest Way to Upgrade A Turntable

The incredible revival of vinyl as a medium for playing recorded music is something that few people would have seen. Vinyl’s miraculous return to health is nothing short. Sales are booming for a format that has been around since more than 100 years.

Vinyl’s popularity has seen a boom in turntable sales and cartridges to play the records. It’s wonderful to see hi-fi enthusiasts enjoying the warm, analog sound of vinyl records and tinkering on turntables.

Goldring is synonymous with cartridges and turntables. Goldring was established in 1906 and continues to receive high praises from the audio industry. The latest product from the company is a moving coil cartridge that turns turntable enthusiasts. The Goldring Eroica HX is the new addition to the Eroica range, joining the LX model. This cartridge is high-output, high-performance and takes the hassle out of upgrading from a cheaper moving magnet cartridge to a move-coil design.

The moving magnet principle is used in most turntable cartridges. It is durable, easy to make, and has a replaceable pen. Moving coil cartridges can be more fragile and more difficult to produce. They also have lower output and a fixed pen. Why would you choose a moveable coil cartridge? Sound quality is the answer. A moving coil cartridge’s delicate, lightweight nature tracks the grooves of vinyl records with greater accuracy and grace. This produces a higher-quality sound that is richer in detail.

A moving coil cartridge has a downside. They are more expensive and require a phono amplifier to increase the signal level so that it can be amplified before it is fed to loudspeakers.

The Eroica HX has all the benefits of a moving cartridge, but does not require a preamplifier. An Eroica HX turntable can be connected to the normal moving magnet phono input for an amplifier. The EroicaHX is about the same price as a high quality moving magnet cartridge. It will work right out of the box with no fuss. The swap-out is simple and you don’t need to purchase a moving coil preamp.

For precise impendence matching, the Eroica HX has a brand new, pure-iron cross-armature design. The Eroica HX also features ultra-fine enameled copper windings that provide high output and low crosstalk. The cartridge comes with a Gyger II Diamond Stylus that can track frequencies up to 50kHz without distortion. The housing of the Eroica HX’s Eroica HX is made out lightweight composite material Pocan. This material was chosen because it has anti-coloration properties.

Goldring says that the Eroica HX is a “thrillingly accomplished performance combined with an unheard-of ease in use”. The Eroica HX uses many ultra-fine enameled copper windings, so thin they almost float. It has enough output to allow it to work with moving magnetic phono inputs.

The copper windings and the new cross-armature, made of pure iron, create a permeable path to the parallel magnetic field. This results in higher output and better impedance matching. The cross-shape design is able to separate the left and right stereo channels better than the moving magnetic cartridge. The Gyger II diamond stylus by Eroica HX has a five-micron playing circle. This means it can trace frequencies up to 50kHz without distortion and, thanks to the cross-armature’s low mass, it can react with precision to musical transients.

This delicate mechanism must be protected, so Goldring made a lightweight, rigid and attractive Pocan housing. Pocan is lightweight and rigid, but it doesn’t affect the sound of the cartridge.

Eroica HX can be used with almost all aluminum and carbon-fiber tonearms. It can be mounted in standard fixings using a standard-size fitting, either above or below the headshell.

Prices & Availability: The Goldring Eroica HX moving-coil cartridge will be available in June for $899 / PS549/ EUR699.

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Tech Specs:

  • Frequency response: 20Hz – 20kHz +- 3dB
  • Frequency range: 10Hz – 50kHz
  • Channel balance: Within 1dB @ 1kHz
  • Channel separation: Better than 25dB @ 1kHz
  • Sensitivity: 2.5mV +- 1dB, 1kHz @ 5cm/sec
  • Static compliance trackingability 25mm/N
  • Equivalent tip mass: 0.4mg
  • Vertical tracking angle: 22deg
  • Stylus radius: Gyger II
  • Stylus type: Non-replaceable (re-tip service available see website)
  • Load resistance 47kO
  • Load Capacity: 100-500pF
  • Internal inductance = 0.13mH
  • 35O Internal resistance
  • Cartridge weight: 5.2g
  • Cartridge Mass (inc. fixings: 6.6g)
  • Fixing center: 0.5 inches (12.7mm).
  • Playing weight: 1.5 to 2.0g (1.75g no.
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