Google Half-Fixes Broken Google Photos Features For Millions of Android Users

Google finally added the Google Photos feature to Android apps that has been missing for many years. The fix is still in progress.

Android users and only Android users have had to go through additional steps to delete photos while viewing them from within a Google Photos album. According to Android Police, Google has now issued an update which partially addresses the problem.

Google has provided Android users with a new “move to trash” option. This can be accessed from the “three dots” menu at the top-right of a photo. This option was available for iOS and Web versions Google Photos for many years. However, Android users have not been able to access it until now.

Android users used to have to search their main feed to find the photo they wanted to delete, and then move it to the trash.

The fix is only available for private albums. If you wish to delete a photo within a shared album you will have to go back to the original way. iOS users and Web users don’t have to face this restriction.

Google is likely to fix the second issue in a future update.

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