Google Pixel Watch Coming Soon? New Fitbit Google Orders Chip Hints at Wearables

Uncovering a Samsung movement tracker chip, Google may have ordered one from Samsung. This could indicate that a Google-branded wearable might be closer to becoming a reality.

One item is missing from the Google Pixel ecosystem: a wearable device. A Pixel Watch has been rumored since years but has not yet been confirmed.

Google recently acquired Fitbit, confirming that the wearable Pixel was in Google’s interest. The deal is still being finalized, but once it’s approved Google will have two smartwatches: the Fitbit Versa 2 (or the Fitbit Ionic).

A new report by ETNews has revealed that Google requested a semiconductor from Samsung Electronics. This is one of many that the company has ordered. It appears to be designed to fit into a sensor to measure body movement.

According to a source, Samsung is currently designing and manufacturing semiconductors that will allow it to tailor the chip to Google’s specifications.

Even for a company like Samsung, designing a new chip can take time. These are early days. The chip will not be in a device this year, so I don’t think it will. This doesn’t necessarily mean that there won’t soon be a Pixel Watch with this chip, but it is possible.

It’s possible that Google may have this in mind for a smartphone or a different product. However, my money is on the idea that it will be a wearable.

The other possibility is that the chip will be used to make the first Fitbit device under Google’s supervision – although I would have expected Fitbit, and not Google to commission it in that case.

It is possible, however, that the chip was designed to work with Google’s wearOS and could be exported to other manufacturers for use.

There’s not much to see yet, but it is a promising first step towards a gadget capable of measuring movement wherever it goes.

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