How to Move to Norway

Are you dreaming of living in Bergen, or in a cottage with a view over a fjord in your home? Although it is not easy to move to Norway, it might not be as hard as you think. nearly 15% of the 5.37million people currently living in Norway were born in another country.

Processing residence permit applications is handled by the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration ( UCI). There are two main categories of immigration depending on the country you live in. The process is much easier if you are a citizen of an EU/EEA nation.

Moving from within the EU/EEA

Norway has opted out of membership to the EU after its citizens rejected it twice in national referendums. However, the country has very close ties to Europe thanks to its membership in the European Economic Area. This links all EU members, as well as Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein to the European single market. This allows for freedom of movement of people and goods.

These regulations allow citizens from all member countries to work and live in Norway. For a stay of more than three months, you must register in one the following categories: student, employed, self-employed, posted worker, or student. If you are able to provide for your family, you can also register.

These rules will continue to be applicable for British citizens throughout the EU transition period which ends December 31, 2020. The rules that apply to British citizens after this date will be the same as those for the rest of the globe.

Norway is a great place to move from around the globe.

Many Norwegian-born people believe that their Norwegian heritage gives them the right to reside or even become citizens of Norway. The family immigration permit is meant to reunite the immediate family. This permits a spouse or a foreigner to come to Norway with a valid work permit. However, conditions may apply.

A work permit is the most common way to travel to Norway. These are usually given to those who have a job offer and meet minimum wage requirements. For jobs that require a bachelor’s degree, the salary offered must not exceed NOK 397.100 ($44,000), and NOK 428.200 ($47,000.) for those that require a master’s degree.

Skilled workers who don’t have a job offer may be granted a 6-month permit to look for work. However, these permits are more difficult to get.

You can also get a work permit for specific trades such as seafarers, offshore workers and athletes, coaches and sportsmen, religious teachers, au pairs, cooks and ethnic cooks. A self-employment permit can be obtained, but you will need to show proof of income. This is done by the local authorities.

Norway: Asylum

Norway accepts asylum applications from those who are persecuted, fearing persecution or inhumane treatments in their home countries. The number of people applying for asylum in Norway has dropped significantly since 2015’s European refugee crisis. Only Norwegian citizens can apply for asylum.

Temporary border restrictions

Due to the pandemic coronavirus, temporary restrictions have been placed on border entry. Tourism is currently banned from Europe. Those arriving from other European countries will have to go through a quarantine period.

You can still enter Norway from any part of the world with a valid work permit. However, you might need to wait for your quarantine period. Delays in the application process may also apply to certain types of work permits.

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