iOS 14: Why there’s an orange dot on your iPhone

Are you seeing an orange dot on the iPhone’s top since iOS 14 was released? It’s not a coincidence. Here’s why.

Have you noticed an orange dot on the right-hand side of your iPhone since upgrading to iOS 14? This is a new feature that is intended to make your iPhone more useful.

What is the deal? The new iOS 14 operating-system update by Apple has a heavy emphasis on privacy and security. Apple’s new iPhone update has an indicator light to indicate when an app uses your microphone or camera. This is indicated by an orange dot or a green dot.

Although it sounds frightening, the dot at top of the screen should not be considered alarming. Certain apps require your microphone (orange dots) or camera (green dots) to function. This could be your phone, Zoom, WhatsApp, Signal, or any video conferencing app like Signal.

App developers might try to access your camera or microphone, sometimes for malicious purposes. The orange dot will let you know if this is happening.

Controlling who can access your camera and microphone on iOS 14

You can view the requests to your microphone and camera to make sure apps don’t have access to them. You can disable access by going to Settings > Privacy > microphone/camera. In the Control Center, you can see which apps have used microphone and camera.

The orange dot, an Apple tool that helps you protect your privacy and security on your iPhone, is now available. Jake Moore, cybersecurity specialist at ESET, says that the orange dot acts in a similar way to a webcam. It is a visual reminder of what apps are listening or watching you, which can help us protect ourselves.

The new orange dot indicator light from Apple is a welcome addition to iOS 14. You can also find many more in my guide to how to use the top privacy features in Apple’s latest iPhone update. The new privacy features in iOS 14 have been a major step up. Once you understand their purpose, they are very easy to use.

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