iPhone 13 vs iPhone 12: Key Comparisons and Which One Should You Buy

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Apple Unboxed iPhone 13 or iPhone 12 Which one should you choose?

The new iPhones are now available. Apple keeps older iPhones in its product line. You could also choose from the iPhone SE, iPhone 11 and iPhone 12, as well as the brand-new 13, range. What are the main differences between the iPhone 12 last year and the iPhone 13 this year?

The price

The story is actually more complicated than it was last year. Two phones were created to replace the iPhone 11, the iPhone 12 mini, and iPhone 12. Surprised many people are surprised that both models remain in the current range. Here’s how much it costs to get a Face ID iPhone.

$499 Get the iPhone 11: This phone is truly a steal.

$599 is your chance to get Apple’s first miniature iPhone, the iPhone 12 Mini. This phone is a fantastic choice for small hands. It has 5G, A14 Bionic processor, and two cameras. The only problem with this phone was its battery life. It will not last more than a day.

$699 – If you have that amount, you will get two phones. The iPhone 12 is available, as well as the iPhone 13 mini. It can be a difficult choice. The iPhone 13 mini is an excellent choice if you prefer a small phone. The battery life is much longer, which solves some of the problems with the iPhone 12 mini. The A15 Bionic processor is more powerful and faster than the A14 Bionic. The iPhone 13 mini has a larger notch and great camera capabilities. This phone is for you if you love small phones. This compact is the most powerful from any manufacturer by a country mile.

The same money can also be used to buy the iPhone 12. This is the iPhone 12 if a 6.1-inch screen appeals to you more than a 5.4-inch. The iPhone 12 isn’t the fastest processor or most snappers, but it’s a solid choice. The iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 mini share a similar design, with the same groundbreaking Ceramic Shield protecting the front and 5G connectivity.

$799 This is the iPhone 13’s price. This is Apple’s latest regular-size iPhone. It has the same camera and processor as the iPhone 13 mini, but with more storage. These are the main differences between the phones.

Battery Life

This would normally be at the end of a post, but it has become a major feature with iPhones in recent times. Amazingly, the iPhone 11’s battery lasted a full day. It was disappointing that the iPhone 12 did not match this feat, and the 12 mini failed to do so.

The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini show that Apple pays attention to the basics. They have increased battery life. They are both durable enough to withstand any punishment. This alone is enough to recommend the iPhone 13 and 13 mini.


My opinion is that the camera on a smartphone’s phone is the most important feature, after battery life. It’s the camera you always carry in your bag or pocket, and it takes almost all of your photos, regardless how much you love your DSLR. The iPhone 13 cameras are simply amazing. The iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 cameras are excellent, but the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini cameras are worth it.


This is actually a smaller difference than you might think. Apple has integrated performance capabilities into its new features. The iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 have chip performance that matches the needs of the phone. All of these phones are powerful, fast, and fierce performers.


While I love the iPhone 11 design, there is no denying that the iPhone 12 series and iPhone 13 series share a more striking and elegant design. The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini have a smaller notch, which makes a big difference.

Even the colors are better this time, with Starlight my favourite iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini color (though the pink is stunning).


It’s obvious that iPhones have the fastest internet connection, and every iPhone except the iPhone 11 has it.


The iPhone 13 mini is definitely worth the investment if your budget allows. Although the iPhone 13 mini is undoubtedly the most compact smartphone, it can also be used in any other size. It’s also $100 cheaper than the iPhone 13. Despite this, these phones are all powerful and beautiful twin-camera devices that have a lot to offer.

Another Thing

This is your weekly pet picture treat. This is your weekly pet photo treat. The reason? To show off my smartphone photography. However, it’s also a moment to celebrate if I can get my dog to stay still for long enough.

This week’s photo

This photo is a tribute the amazing iPad app Pixelmator. Although the dog may have sat still while I took the picture, her expression shows a hint of impatience. But it was only later that I noticed the standard lamp’s metal struts growing from her head.

They are gone in a quick glance with the Retouch tool, Repair. Although the photo is not perfect, it is notable that there are no vertical metal pipes in her head.

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