Is Apple About To Unveil An Exciting All-New Product? The Latest News

Just days remain until WWDC22, Apple’s annual developers conference. This year, Apple will announce updates for all of its operating systems. Will there be hardware announcements alongside the iOS 16 and watchOS 16 updates?

There is consensus that the new MacBook Air should be revealed. This is something we can look forward to. However, some analysts believe that the Apple AR headset might make an appearance. Others disagree.

Here is the latest.

Ming-Chi Kuo is the ultimate reliable super-analyst and says that there will not be any sight of the headset. In a tweet, Kuo stated that “it still takes some time until Apple AR/MR headset into mass production, so it’s not likely Apple will release AR/MR headset or the rumored realityOS this year at WWDC.” Apple’s AR/MR headset will be a hit with competitors around the world.

Kuo followed up yesterday with another tweet.

“Another reason. Let’s say AR/MR headset has been Apple’s most significant product since the iPhone launched. AR/MR headset and rOS deserve an independent media event to ensure sufficient time for a thorough introduction and keep the audience engaged throughout the event.

That’s something I don’t agree with. The Apple Watch was a huge product, but it first appeared at the end of a keynote to launch the iPhone 6 in 2014. It was followed by another event the next Spring.

This could be the case. Apple doesn’t release a new major product category right away after its first unveiling. I believe that WWDC is the best place to get a peek at new products.

9to5Mac points out that there is precedent for this. The Mac Pro was mentioned before it was officially unveiled.

What does this leave us with?

You can call me a cockeyed optimist but I think it’s possible. It might be just a brief glimpse and the focus will be on letting developers know that realityOS is a reality in the next months and when they can begin developing. I would guess that it would take place in the fall, along with one of the regular events later this year.

Maybe Apple will keep us on tenterhooks a little longer…

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