Japan’s Esoteric launches its first-ever turntable, the Grandioso T1

Yesterday, I reviewed the Pro-Ject Limited Edition Metallica turntable designed for vinyl lovers who enjoy a little metal. It’s now time to take the Esoteric turntable into the stratosphere. This first-ever Esoteric turntable is a high-end Japanese brand. This brand was created from TEAC, a premium audio brand. Esoteric announced the Grandioso T1 to commemorate its 35th Anniversary.

This remarkable turntable is a testament to Esoteric’s innovative design philosophy and cutting-edge electronic and mechanical technology. The turntable features a clock sync capability of 10MHz to regulate its motor drive unit, and an independent chassis configuration consisting of three parts.

The patent-registered, contact-free drive mechanism for the new turntable is called the Esoteric MagneDrive System. It uses induction to synchronize rotations of a magnet driver and platter. This produces a quiet, ultra-smooth and extremely precise rotation. Esoteric’s contact-free drive system is patented and uses a MagneFloat platter. Esoteric claims that this platter reduces spindle bearing friction by reducing the platter’s weight from 19kg to a more manageable four kg.

The drive system is composed of three distinct units: the motor, the center and the power supply. The platter rotates precisely thanks to the high-quality VCXO driver. Meanwhile, the Micrometer knob on front panel allows for fine tuning of magnetic force from the magnet driver to the platter.

The Grandioso T1’s triple-layer chassis is made from aluminum and wood to effectively control vibrations. The turntable’s isolation feet are coated with piano lacquer in high-gloss.

Esoteric launched its first ever turntable and made design and technological improvements to its Grandioso M1 X Edition mono amplifier. Esoteric has tweaked the M1X’s chassis to minimize vibrations that could affect sound quality. This is called “Master Sound Reproduction”. Its sleek, clean design and mechanical engineering are similar to a Formula One race car.

Esoteric’s biggest-ever power supply supports the M1X, taking up about 60% of the internal layout. A heavier winding gauge has been added to improve the rectification capabilities of the main power transformer, weighing in at 3,000VA/19kg. To enhance the amplifier’s distinctive tone, Esoteric custom capacitors of high capacity with a total capacitance of 60,000mF were also adopted.

The M1X is able to bring out the finest details even at the highest levels of orchestral performance. The M1X incorporates a dedicated power supply unit (voltage amplifier stage) for the pre-drive. This allows the M1X to eliminate the effects of the drive stage’s large current fluctuations, which in turn improves resolution.

The 24 transistors in the amplifier’s drive stages are controlled to operate at the same temperature. This ensures stability and balance. The phase compensation circuit is a simple, single-pole design that allows the final stage to function without the need of a coil.

Pricing and Availability: This year, the Grandioso turntable is available in Europe at a price of $74,029/PS58,830/EUR70,000. The Esoteric amplifier retails now for $36,348/PS28,899/EUR34,000. However, you’ll need two to get stereo.

More information: http.esoteric.jp/en/

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