JBL Offers Limited Editions Of Its Classic L100 Speakers Plus A Retro Amplifier To Celebrate 75 Years In Audio

The Consumer Electronics Show at Las Vegas may not have been going ahead this year, but that hasn’t stopped JBL from launching a whole slew of new products to celebrate its 75th anniversary. The world’s favorite brand of portable speakers has been going for three-quarters of a century and gains a new customer every second. That’s quite an impressive feat.

Amongst the new products, there’s a brand new JBL Charge 5 portable speaker which is fully waterproof and has a massive onboard battery for charging smartphones at the same time as you listen to your favorite music. Also new for 2021 are four new pairs of headphones and four new pairs of true wireless earphones. I’ll cover those in another post.

Most exciting for me is the announcement of a 75th-anniversary pair of JBL’s iconic L100 speakers that first appeared back in the 1970s. This monster pair of speakers are the L100 75 limited edition and look very much like their ancestors did 50 years ago. With only 750 pairs of this historic product available you’ll have to move quickly if you want a pair. Each exclusive loudspeaker features a unique signed rear-badge and Certificate of Authenticity. 

The first thing to notice about the L100 Classic 75 is the beautiful teak wood veneer. The wood finish is complemented by a black Quadrex foam grille accented with a gold and black JBL logo. Special edition badges are found on the front and rear of the loudspeaker, including a commemorative plaque that carries the signature of the principal system engineer, Chris Hagen, as well as the individual pair number out of the total 750 pair production run. 

Acoustically, the L100 Classic 75 features an improved woofer suspension design and a revised network to enable bi-wiring via a premium input cup with dual sets of gold-plated binding posts. The L100 Classic 75 speakers are sold as a matched pair system and also include a set of JS-120 floor stands. The entire system ships inside a special wooden crate with limited edition artwork on the side panels.

The L100 Classic 75 has a JT025Ti2-4 1-inch (25mm) Titanium dome tweeter mated to a waveguide with an acoustic lens for optimal integration to the JM125PC-8, a 5-inch (125mm) cast-frame, pure-pulp cone midrange driver located directly below. The vertical high-frequency and mid-frequency transducer arrangement is slightly offset to the right of the woofer below, with attenuators located on the upper left of the front baffle. Low frequencies are delivered by the JW300SW-8, a 12-inch (300mm) cast-frame, white pure-pulp cone woofer operating in a bass-reflex enclosure system that’s tuned via a single, front-firing port tube with a flared exit.

Pricing and availability: The JBL L100 Classic 75 will be available beginning in May 2021 and will retail for $5,500 a pair. 

Also launched by JBL is the new JBL SA750 integrated amplifier. It has a classic 1970s retro look despite being packed with the very latest audio technology for the digital world we now live in. The JBL SA750 an iconic retro-inspired milled aluminum face panel with volume, balance and input dials and hefty switches for power, mute, direct, MC/MM phono, and Dirac Live room calibration.  The face panel includes a 3.5mm aux input and 3.5mm headphones output, plus a 2-line orange display. The whole look is completed by classic teak-wood veneer side panels that match those gorgeous new anniversary edition JBL L100 Classic 75 loudspeakers.

The retro-chic of the JBL SA750 is contrasted by a state-of-the-art, high-output, Class G amplification technology and streaming protocols including Google Chromecast and Apple Airplay 2. The SA750 also incorporates a high-resolution DAC, a switchable MM/MC phono input, support for UPnP wireless, full MQA file decoding, and it’s also Roon Ready. Along with a host of additional premium audio features, there’s also Dirac Live room calibration for ensuring the SA750 performs at its best in any listening environment.

At the heart of the JBL SA750 is a high-performance Class G amplifier that delivers 120W of power per channel into 8Ω or 220W per channel into 4Ω. The Class G design has the same sound quality and efficiency of a Class A amplifier for low-level signals, plus it can switch in an additional power supply for dealing with large transients and dynamic waveforms. JBL claims the result is incredible detail and accuracy at low levels, low crossover distortion, and high-current capability for extreme power demands.

Connectivity includes Ethernet and WiFi, with UPnP for connecting to a home network. There’s also a USB connector for playing files from removable memory drives. Ethernet and an RS-232 serial control are included for third-party control systems plus two optical and two coaxial digital inputs, and six pairs of analog RCA inputs.  The JBL SA750 also has two pairs of binding-post speaker connectors and one stereo RCA preamp output. 

Pricing and availability: The new JBL SA750 is priced at $3,000 and goes on sale at the beginning of May 2021.

More info: www.jbl.com

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