KEF’s Brilliant New LSX II Wireless High-Fi System is Now Available

KEF, a British premium speaker brand, announced the launch its new LSX II Wireless hi-fi system. Billed to be more than a simple upgrade of the award-winning LSX II, the latest model offers class-leading sound and the all-encompassing W2 wireless platform, which is derived from the pioneering LS50 Wireless II or LS60 Wireless. Now they are available for purchase at your local hi-fi shop. Let’s take a closer view of what you can expect.

KEF is a well-known name in the speaker industry. It was founded in 1961 by Raymond Cooke from a small cottage in Maidstone in Kent. Cooke was passionate about acoustic excellence and his driving force behind his quest for continuous innovation. The LSX II Wireless HiFi System offers audiophile sound with no wires thanks to wireless technology. The LSX II is simple to use, offers many connectivity options and has a modern design.

This latest version of the LSX System includes HDMI and USBC connectivity. It is a great way to improve the sound quality on a TV, laptop, or desktop computer. Michael Young, a renowned industrial designer, designed the LSX II’s minimalist and modern design. Five color options are available for the LSX II System.

The LSX II adopts the two-stereo approach. It allows the music to develop and breathe, creating a three-dimensional soundstage. KEF claims the speakers seem to disappear and the listener is free to take in the immersive performance unfolding before them.

Each LSX II speaker is equipped with a Uni-Q driver array from KEF, specifically developed for this loudspeaker. This technology is a point source. The tweeter is located at the exact acoustic center for the woofer. It creates sound like it was naturally produced. This design removes the traditional, small’sweet spot’ to deliver a more precise sound to all the listeners in the room.

The LSX II can produce 200 Watts total system power. The dedicated amplifiers power the woofer and tweeter. The Music Integrity Engine further enhances performance from the original award-winning design. The improved Music Integrity Engine allows LSX II create a perfect performance for better clarity and a more precise sound.

Users can stream Amazon Music and other streaming services to their speakers using the KEF Connect app. Apple AirPlay 2 support and Google Chromecast are available for streaming audio from compatible devices. Bluetooth functionality further expands user’s options.

You can also stream music from Spotify Connect, Tidal, and QPlay using native apps. Users can stream music to multiple speakers using Chromecast and Airplay 2. You can stream from a compatible NAS or music server. File support is available up to 24bit/384kHz(PCM), DSD and full MQA rendering.

LSX II has a wide range of wired connections in addition to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. These include HDMI ARC which allows complete control with a TV remote, and a high quality USB-C input. This makes LSX II an ideal audio system for a laptop. You can also connect a turntable or CD player to the system. A dedicated output is available for KEF subwoofers for those who need more power for music and movies.

KEF Connect makes it easy to set up the LSX II and control playback navigation. The LSX II can be adjusted to best suit a room’s acoustics using intuitive sound settings. LSX II’s powerful Room EQ DSP allows for easy tuning to suit a user’s preferences and the room. The ‘Normal’ mode guides the user through the process and asks simple questions. The ‘Expert’ mode allows for more customization.

Room EQ has subwoofer pre-sets to make it easy to integrate a KEF subwoofer into LSX II. You can adjust volume, sensitivity, and even designate a wired source that will wake the speakers up when audio is being played.

Michael Young, a leading industrial designer, designed LSX II. Young is well-known for his minimalistic approach to minimalism. His signature style suits LSX II’s ability to deliver accurate sound and look great.

KEF claims that LSX II is meticulously designed. It features an elegant rear control panel, subtle design accents like color-matched Uni-Q drivers and ports. You can mount the LSX II on the KEF S1 floorstand or you can use the flexible positioning of the P1 desk pad and B1 wall bracket to position it. The following options are available to suit your individual preferences:

LSX II comes in five different statement finishes. Mineral White and Lava red models have a matte satin finish and a high-gloss one, respectively. Carbon Black and Cobalt Blue come in a fabric designed by Kvadrat, danish contemporary textile designer. One of the most iconic collaborations between British designer Terence Conran was the Soundwave by Terence Conran . This version features the Soundwave by Terence Conran Editionstrong>, which has the pattern woven into Kvadrat fabric and Conran’s signature Blue on the speaker port.

Prices & Availability: Officially available June 23, 2022 for $1,400, the KEF LSX II.

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