Lara Devgan, a New York Plastic Surgeon, offers travel beauty tips

You are soon to be able to travel in the summer. How can you keep your skin healthy and glowing while traveling? Dr. Lara Devgan, a well-known New York City plastic surgeon. Lara Devgan shares personal beauty tips.

Why travel is so important?

The rhythm of our lives is punctuated by travel. It allows us to take a step back and enjoy the beauty of life. There is no place I’d rather be than in my normal life, which includes my time in the operating room at daytime and my family time at night. Yet, I still love to travel because it expands my thinking and understanding. Growing up in an international family, I have always been influenced by the perspectives of others. My most memorable travel experiences include visiting my parents’ homes in Kenya and India, working at the World Health Organization in Switzerland, volunteering at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Taiwan, as well as showing my children the Malibu Tidepools and Eiffel Tower. Sometimes, traveling far helps you to appreciate the special feeling of coming home. That’s what I believe is true for everyone.

Where would you choose to live if you could?

I would love to stay in New York. It is an incredible privilege to be a New Yorker. I was born in Los Angeles, California. I moved to New York City for my residency and fellowship in plastic and reconstructive surgery at the University Hospital of Columbia, Cornell, and New York Presybterian Hospital. Although I didn’t intend to stay here, it has been a great experience living and working in such a vibrant and diverse city. It was both challenging and inspiring to see New York through these past years. It has also strengthened my faith and confidence in the city’s people.

What is the problem with travel from an aesthetic perspective?

Traveling can be problematic because of disruptions in circadian rhythms, dietary patterns, or normal skincare routines. Most of us find it difficult to maintain our regular exercise and eating habits. Even little things such as different bathrooms and hotel rooms can cause havoc on our skin.

How can you keep your skin healthy while on the road?

It is important to be consistent. This is because we are often in a new environment and out of our normal routine. It is important to stay consistent and keep things simple. Although many things can be changed, I keep my skin care routine a non-negotiable. My absolute desert island must-have products include my Vitamin C+E Ergothioneine Antioxidant Serum and Hyaluronic Serum. I use them in the morning and at night. It is rare to see me without Platinum Lip Plump or Platinum Long Lash.

How can you treat dry skin after long flights?

It is important to hydrate your skin after a long travel day. This will help repair the skin’s barrier function, and reduce dryness. Apply my Hyaluronic Serum to a clean, dry face. The ultra-hydrating serum contains a mix molecular weight of hyaluronic and niacinamide. It plumps and rejuvenates the skin, reduces fine lines, increases skin firmness and improves elastin production. My Resveratrol Night Cream is recommended if your skin requires extra hydration, or if you’re traveling to a dry climate. This night cream is specially formulated to work with medical-grade ingredients that soothe, calm and repair the skin.

What is the time frame for you to fly once you’ve had botox and filler?

Non-surgical patients fly in regularly from out of town. There is very little downtime following injectable procedures. After botox, I recommend that you keep your head up for at least four hours and then try to rest on your back for the next few days. To reduce the chance of bruising, it is a good idea to avoid alcohol, aspirin and other blood thinners for several weeks before and after injectables. There is no restriction on the timing of injectables.

What advice would you give someone suffering from hyperpigmentation following a sun-filled vacation?

Hyperpigmentation is a common concern that I am asked about. For a beautiful and even complexion, I recommend my Hyperpigmentation collection and my new Vitamin C+E Ergothioneine Antioxidant serum. My Hyperpigmentation collection contains five essential products to fight dark spots and sun damage. My latest Vitamin C+E Ergothioneine serum is ideal for those with stubborn hyperpigmentation and those who want to improve their skin’s appearance. It contains 20% vitamin C and plant-based antioxidants to help fade dark spots and protect skin from further damage. My in-office Erbium Laser treatment is also recommended. This laser can be used to resurface, reduce dark spots and pigmentation, improve the texture and appearance of scars, and to erase fine lines. It takes only two weeks to complete the procedure, and your skin will look rejuvenated within two weeks.

How do you deal with puffy eyes from traveling?

Combining jet lag, fluid shifts and dehydration can cause puffiness, periorbital lines, and swelling. My Peptide Eye Cream and SPF 50 Concealer are the best products for brightening the eyes and improving their appearance. My Peptide Eye Cream contains a unique combination of vitamins, ceramides and mixed molecular weight hyaluronic acids to brighten and nourish the eyes. To correct and protect my eye area, I use the SPF50 Concealer. Then, I finish with my most popular mascara, which is formulated with a black carbon-based pigment and gives you dramatic, multi-dimensional eyelashes. Platinum Long Lash is what I use twice daily to keep my eyelashes full and long. I believe long lashes add dimension and frame the eyes.

Which are your must-have travel products?

I have remained loyal to Dr. Lara Devgan Scientific Beauty and my own line luxury, medical-grade skincare products. The products are a carefully curated collection of powerful ingredients that can be combined to improve skin quality. My chosen set includes the products that I know will be necessary to protect my skin against changes in weather and other unfavorable conditions. Their compact size makes them easy to carry on. Our Hyaluronic Serum and Vitamin C+E Antioxidant Serum are my essentials. In the morning, I use our SPF BB cream and Vitamin C+B+E Ferulic serum. At night, I use our Vitamin C+B+E Ferulic serum, Retinol Bakuchiol serum and Resveratrol night cream. For exfoliation, I love the Microdermabrasion scrub.

What should you take with you when traveling?

Hand soap, mini green and rooibos, my SPF50 Dusting Powder (which includes zinc and titanium), extra face mask, some Platinum Lip Plump, Platinum Long Lash and Extreme Lengthening mascara to refresh yourself while on the move.

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