LG Gaming Monitors Become the World’s First to Meet The New VESA Display Standard

It’s great to see the new generation of TVs, monitors, and computers adapting to the rapid growth in gaming graphics features. However it has also made the process of buying a new gaming screen more difficult than ever before.

It is difficult to say whether this process was made easier or more difficult by the new Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA), Adaptive Sync Display standard. We can now confirm that two LG UltraGear monitors have been officially certified to be able support the VESA standard. They are the 27GP950 (and 27GP850).

Both monitors will now be able market themselves as a result of the certification. The VESA AdaptiveSync logo was created to assist consumers in identifying and comparing the variable refresh rate performance of gaming displays that are compatible with VESA’s Adaptive-Sync protocol.

It is not as simple as LG asking VESA if they can give it. To earn the VESA logo, both the 27GP950 & 27GP850 must pass more than 50 criteria, including refresh rates, screen flicker and latency, and gray-to-gray response times.

The debut VESA AdaptiveSync certification LG 27-inch monitors feature LG’s Nano IPS panels. These panels combine wide viewing angles with a broad colour range, high refresh rates and HDR support. They also have response times as low at 1ms.

Jim Choate, compliance manager at VESA, says that the VESA AdaptiveSync Display CTS establishes a consistent standard for gaming monitor display performance and allows consumers to make informed buying decisions. The world’s first product to sport the new AdaptiveSync display logo, LG’s UltraGear gaming consoles, did exceptionally well in all tests.

LG is, unsurprisingly, very pleased with the world’s first. Seo Young-jae is the senior vice president and chief of the IT business unit at LG Electronics’ Business Solutions Company. He said that the LG UltraGear was the first monitor to be awarded VESA AdaptiveSync display certification. We will be able to meet the performance standards set by VESA and also satisfy the diverse demands of consumers with the upcoming UltraGear 27GP95R models in 2022.

At the time of writing, both 27GP950 & 27GP850 are readily available and priced at approximately $800/PS700 / $500/PS300, respectively.

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