LG Unveils New UltraGear Gaming Monitors – Including First OLED Model

Following ‘s announcement that their 2021 27GP950, 27GP850, and UltraGear monitors were the first to be certified under the VESA Adaptive Sync Device Standard (VESA), LG now has the latest UltraGear displays ready for 2022. This new range also includes an OLED screen of 48 inches for gamers who are hardcore gamers.

The 48GQ900 OLED model is 48 inches in size. It features the most recent HDMI 2.1 gaming features such as variable refresh rates (including AMD Freesync Premium or Nvidia GSync support), native 4K resolution and refresh rates up to 120Hz (138Hz underclocked), as well a refresh rate of just 0.1ms and an anti-glare, low reflection coating. You also get a game-focused remote control that you won’t find on LG’s OLED TVs. There is also a 2x20W speaker system and a 4-pole jack to plug in a chat-capable headset.

There are three 48GQ900 HDMI ports, with one Display Port and one USB3.0 port. HDR gaming is supported in HDR10 format.

This is on top of OLED technology’s inherent benefits of OLED technology’s contrast- and viewing angle-enhancing, self-emissive pixels.

Two new 32-inch LCD models join LG’s OLED UltraGear monitor debut: the flagship 4K 32GQ950 and QHD Nano 32GQ850.

These new monitors feature HDR-capable Nano IPS screens that are backed up with Advanced True Wide Polarizer technology. This means they can support wide viewing angles and a large colour gamut.

According to the VESA HDR certification standard, the 32GQ950 can achieve 1,000 nits brightness and cover 98% of DCI-P3 colours. The 32GQ950 has two HDMI 2.1 ports that can be connected to consoles or PCs. It also features a Display Port. It can reach refresh rates of 144Hz (160Hz via Overclocking). The device claims a 1ms gray-to-gray response time.

The 32GQ950 supports NVidia GSync and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro VRR, but not the VESA Adaptive Sync technology which was added to two UltraGear displays in 2021.

The new 32GQ850, however, DOES support VESA Adaptive Sync on its 2,560×1,440-resolution screen. The model is also capable of supporting 240Hz/260Hz refresh rates (O/C), while joining the 32GQ950 by offering NVidia G-Sync, AMD FreeSync Pro support, coverage for 98% of DCI-P3 colours, a 1ms response speed, two HDMIs, and a Display port.

Apart from resolution, the 32GQ850’s spec falls short of that of the 32GQ950. This is because the VESA DisplayHDR system rates it at 600 nits, compared to the 32GQ950’s 1000.

The first UltraGear gaming pad/mouse will join the new UltraGear monitors. The new UltraGear monitors will be joined by the first ever LG gaming pad and mouse. It features a reversible design with a hard surface on one end and a fabric surface on the other. There is also a customizable RGB lighting feature.

The new trio of LG UltraGear monitors will debut in Japan before May 31st. They will then be available in North America, Europe, Asia, and North America. According to reports, the UltraGear pad will be sold separately in certain territories. Pricing for its new gaming display range is still unknown.

LG Gaming Monitors Become the World’s Best to Meet New VESA Display Standard

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