LGBTQ Games: The Best Queer Stories and Award Winning Hits

Since was all that existed, LGBTQ games have advanced a lot. Many of us are now ready to turn the console on again and enjoy a new generation LGBTQ games as the weather changes.

Now, The Gayming Awards presented by Twitch has announced its return for a 2nd year in April 2022. We’ve gathered some of the most popular games from the past decade that you’ll love to play in the dark nights.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

The third major video game in the series is the 2014 action role-playing game. It’s also one of the first games to allow characters and players express their preferences throughout the game. Dragon Age 2 is the most LGBTQ-friendly episode in the series.

Life is strange

The critically-acclaimed narrative adventure game Life is Strange is inherently queer. Although Life is Strange’s original title may feel dated in places, it was the catalyst for one of the most beloved sapphic love stories. The queer romance stories and options have been charming and endearing ever since.


At first glance, Hades may seem like another action-dungeon crawler with roguelike traits. It won the Gaming Awards Game of the year and the Board Award. It’s also queer. It had a bisexual, polyamorous male lead and it won hearts and minds at the Gayming Mag.


Indie role-playing game that is turn-based and tactical. It follows a group troubled magic students. It wins because it uses neopronouns and features an all-LGBT cast. Particularly since the characters feel far removed from stereotypes and tropes. The story deals with love, grief and being true to yourself.

If found…

This game introduces trans people not only to the rich Irish language, but also to trans lives. Its focus on the euphoria that comes from being true to oneself is what really stands out. Many trans stories are focused on dysphoria. If Found…’s refreshing view of relationships takes into account both the good and the bad. It was awarded the Gaming Awards ‘Best Indie’ & ‘Best Narrative’.

Hong Kong 1986: A Summer’s End

A summer’s end is a visual novel that tells the story of two queer women in Hong Kong. It was set in 1980s. The vivid and lush visuals highlight the joy and hope that they experience as members of the Asian LGBTQ community.

Tell me why

This is a popular queer game, and one of the first mainstream games to feature a trans lead character. With the assistance of many trans creators and consultants, the game was meticulously researched. It is a testmant of working with, hiring, and paying those with differing lived experiences to be part the team. It was awarded the Gayming Awards ‘Authentic Representative Award’.

Part 2 of The Last of Us

Ellie’s story is considered one of the first triple A lesbian protagonist stories. She has to deal with the loss of Joel her father and protect the people she loves. The sequel takes place in the post-apocalyptic United States. The queer love story is celebrated. However, some critics have voiced concerns about the portrayal of trans people in this game.

Assasins Creed Odyessy

A game’s main loading screen should indicate that it was developed by an international team of people with different sexual orientations, genders, and backgrounds. You can choose your gender from two lusty protagonists, as well as your love interests. However, the game was criticized for adding DLCs that allowed straight couples to be avoided. Another queer charm is the unicorn. It leaves behind a rainbow trail. As in ancient Greece…

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