Loupedeck launches Live S Custom Console for Livestreamers

Loupedeck, a company that makes customizable consoles for Adobe Photoshop, is known for its ability to improve productivity. You can set the consoles up in any way you want. Once you have a routine, you can use it to speed up your work with Photoshop or other creative software.

Loupedeck has expanded its product line with the Loupedeck Live S. Loupedeck created this device for streamers and gamers looking for an easy and inexpensive way to manage their streams.

Loupedeck Live S, a custom console that includes touch buttons, tactile dials, and analog buttons, allows users to control their livestream, chat, and external sources like lighting and audio settings, all from one device.

Loupedeck’s founder and CEO Mikko Kesti. Loupedeck was founded to simplify creative processes for its users. With our ever-growing user base of gamers and live streamers, we wanted to offer a solution that is unique to them. We took inspiration from Loupedeck Live to create a simple, efficient, and affordable tool that streamers can use to optimize their creativity.

The Live S features a touch panel that is arranged in a grid with three by five buttons. However, it can be expanded to up to 14 pages by simply swiping. Loupedeck Live S’s dials are unique in that streamers can make fine-tuned adjustments quickly and accurately, or even use the push function to make immediate changes.

The Loupedeck Live S is compatible with Windows and macOS. It comes with the same software that the Loupedeck CT and Loupedeck Live.

Native software integrations are available for streaming platforms like Twitch and OBS. Optional plugins are available for Adobe Lightroom and Final Cut Pro, as well as integrations to allow for further creative work. You can also assign dials to adjust volume, backlighting, and other settings. There is also a push function that allows you to mute a microphone. The Live S has controls for different sound sources, including volume, backlighting and more. It also features a dial push function to mute a microphone.

Loupedeck Marketplace allows users to share and download custom profiles, plugins, and item packages from partners, external providers, and influencers. Loupedeck currently has 70 items that can be downloaded. Loupedeck anticipates that the number of downloads will grow.

The launch of Loupedeck+, Loupedeck’s first product, was in 2016. In Indiegogo, the Finnish start up launched a crowdfunding campaign on June 1 to reach gamers and investors looking for new innovations.

Mikko Kesti said: “We had an amazing experience with Indiegogo years ago and exceeded the goal at that time by more than 400 percent.” We wanted to make sure we reached the same passionate and engaged audience with this campaign. We also closely monitored for feedback and rewarded early supporters of Loupedeck & the Live S with strong discounts up to 35% at launch.

Loupedeck launched Indiegogo to generate excitement in the gaming community before the shipping date. They also offer the chance to purchase the console for a reduced price during the presale period.

Pricing and Availability: The Loupedeck Live S will go on sale October 2022. There are limited early bird pricing starting at $106, while unlimited quantities will be available for $149. Find out more at Indiegogo.

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