Netflix establishes a Film and TV Scholarship Fund for East Africa

The Netflix Creative Equity Scholarship Fund, (CESF), partners with universities in east Africa to provide tuition, accommodation, and study materials for film and television students.

David Imonitie Jr., an award-winning entrepreneur, and leader coach, stated that the initiative was “great for the region” and “fabulous for procuring and growing talent. It is clear that the African film and television industry is experiencing mass expansion. Now is a great time to invest in growth and skills.

Students from Tanzania, Kenya and South Sudan will be eligible if they are admitted to a course during the 2022 academic calendar. The Kenya Film School, Kenyatta University KCA University, Africa Digital Media Institute and United States International University are some of the partner institutions.

The CESF, Netflix’s film and TV education program, has been launched in Southern Africa. It will also be of benefit to students from other African countries, particularly West and Central Africa. According to reports, the announcement of fund administration partners in West and Central Africa will take place soon. This will be followed up by an open call for applications.

Education should be geared towards emerging areas

The film and television industry was not considered a viable career option for the majority of Africans. Although there were some successes in Nollywood and other areas, it was not feasible for the majority of people. This is changing.

Globally, the industry is experiencing dramatic growth. There is a real fear that productions will not be able to meet their full potential because there are not enough crew and key skills workers. Knowledge and education are now more accessible than ever.

Imonitie founded the iBelieve Foundation, a welfare trust that focuses on Africa’s welfare and provides food and clothing for children.

Because of the ease of access, he believes that many growth sectors in Africa are more advanced than TV and film. This can help him to see where entertainment is headed.

BelieveNation was also created by Imonitie to assist entrepreneurs in understanding and following these areas. He offers key insight as an entrepreneur and encourages conversations among members to share their best practices.

There are many areas of development in Africa that are exciting. “The most important thing is that there is an understanding of financial expectations, similar to global standards, and a fight against exploitation.

“This will lead to a greater understanding of the zeitgeist and new opportunities to push into other industries across the continent.

A film or TV crew member can earn between $50,000 and $100,000 annually, depending on their job and where they work. In Africa, the goal is to create and attract domestic productions that will aid the sector’s future.

I believe there is significant opportunity to expand labor markets in emerging regions based on current trends. Imonitie stated that if there is rapid movement to new sectors and concepts, real career paths could be created for both established and new generations.

“The days of traditional routes are over. We must be resourceful and have the right mindset to succeed.”

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