Nreal Air Glasses With Immersive Augmented Reality Launch

When you put on the NrealAir AR glasses, you will immediately notice how light they feel. The Augmented Reality effect is immersive and amazing when the glasses are turned on.

These glasses are much lighter than full-on Virtual Reality headsets. They weigh 2.79 ounces and 79g. They are easy to recognize as regular sunglasses, and they look great. You won’t notice the cable running from your ear into your smartphone until you do.

This is true, specs and sunglasses don’t work this way, but it’s not the worst. The inside of the glasses is very different. There are two OLED displays measuring 3,840 x 1,080 pixels that project images onto the internal lenses.

Your remote control is the phone at the other end. It has big buttons on the app that you don’t even need to see.

This is a good thing, as your attention is taken up by the virtual screen it places in front of you. It’s equivalent to a display measuring up to 201 inches. However, you are only aware that it takes up most your vision when you use it.

It’s perfect for watching Netflix on a train or playing a game while you commute. But be aware that it is easy to get distracted by the games, so please be careful.

You can connect to your Bluetooth device to stream audio through the directional speakers located in the arms of your glasses. A Bluetooth gaming controller can be connected.

Nreal Air AR glasses rely on a good connection, wi-fi, or 5G. This may be why they are only available to the EE, a UK carrier that offers advanced 5G service.

Although you can still see the world around, if you really want to lose yourself in your streamed video, you can attach a light shield.

The Nreal Air glasses are light because they don’t have batteries. They draw power from the Android smartphone to which it’s connected. You can stream video for five hours before your phone crashes. This is more than enough to get you through your daily commute.

They can be worn over existing glasses, but they are more comfortable with no nose clips.

Air Casting allows you to display other features on your phone in the same large virtual display. It’s a screen mirroring effect that can be very effective.

These screen effects are great and can be enhanced with the Light Shield if your circumstances allow. They are still good enough to provide a great way to achieve a large-screen effect with a lightweight pair of specs.

Nreal Air AR glasses will go on sale next week at $490 (PS399) for new and existing EE customers. Eligible pay monthly customers can spread the cost interest free over 11 months.

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