Paris’ Arc De Triomphe And Ring Road To Become Green Highways

Every visitor to Paris has an opportunity to take a photo of the Arc de Triomphe. One of France’s most iconic and easily recognisable icons, the Arc de Triomphe is home to many things. It’s the place where the cyclists pass while they take down the Champs-Elysees in order to win the Tour de France.

It is also known as a traffic hotspot. 12 major roads merge (including the Champs-Elysees), into 12 lanes of traffic. This is another important part of Paris’ culture.

Anne Hidalgo is the mayor of Paris. She announced Wednesday that she plans to greenen the Peripherique, which is a ring road that circles Paris. This is another road that is notoriously congested.

This would be combined with her other plans for large parts of the capital to become pedestrian green highways. She also wants to reduce traffic lanes at Arc de Triomphe so that pedestrian walkways can be built around the iconic landmark.

Hidalgo had already closed two major roads on the Seine side and built extensive bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure. Paris also approved the largest urban rooftop farm.

Hidalgo granted more permits to cafes, restaurants, and bars to use Parisian sidewalks as a way of eating and drinking when the pandemic began. This was in line with other cities around the globe. These licenses were also continued.

Hidalgo revealed her plans to transform large portions of Paris’ famous thoroughfares in 2021 into green highways or green pedestrian routes, just in time for the Olympic Games 2024– . The opening night is 24 Jul.

Over 1.1 million car journeys take place along the eight lanes of the peripherique every day (four in each direction) and

Hidalgo hopes that the backlash she has received from shopkeepers, businessmen, and truck drivers will turn around, and that Parisian citizens will give her the green light to take a lane off the ring road.

Euronews suggests locals are more open to greening Champs-Elysees because of the expected decline in pollution.

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