Pegasus Spyware: The New App Can Instantly Check for Pegasus

Pegasus has been in the news for the past week. Many people are concerned that the NSO Group-made spyware could be hiding on to their phones. Pegasus is difficult to find and easy to remove, making it even more frightening. iVerify’s smartphone app now has the ability to detect Pegasus.

In a he said that Ryan Storz is a security engineer at Trail of Bits and leads the development of iVerify. He stated: “Just released iVerify20.0, which now tells if it detects traces of Pegasus.”

Amnesty International also released a tool that it claims can detect Pegasus. It is available on and GitHub, but it is very difficult to use, especially if you’re not very technical. I already have iVerify installed on my iPhone. It offers security scans for iPhones and provides tips to keep them safe. Apple has approved the app, which is quite unusual for a security application. Stortz tweeted that the app is available via Google Play for Android users.

Are you a target of Pegasus?

This is why it’s so important to highlight this first: Pegasus has never targeted you. Pegasus is made by NSO Group . The spyware is used only on terrorists.

It is possible that it was used in other subsets. For example, it was found on the phones and computers of Khashoggi’s close friends . The spyware can be very targeted, even when it is misused. You don’t have to worry if your business leader, journalist, dissident, or close to such people in oppressive regimes. Normal people should be calm.

Although the list of Pegasus targets is believed to be 50,000, it actually contains much less. Kim Zetter, a respected journalist, has written an excellent article about the true figures and risks of Pegasus.

Pegasus spyware targets smartphones in what way?

Pegasus exploits so-called zero-day software vulnerabilities. This means that the problem has not been fixed. Pegasus used to reach people’s smartphones via a link that they had to click on. The spyware can now be installed on your phone via a zero click attack. This could be a WhatsApp conversation you didn’t have to answer.

It is believed that Pegasus exploits a flaw in Apple’s iMessage. This vulnerability has not been fixed.

How to prevent Pegasus

What should you do? You should take precautions to ensure your iPhone is secure, regardless of whether you are at risk. You can take simple steps to remove Pegasus from your iPhone. This could include restarting the phone to temporarily disable the spyware’s access. If you’re a target, disable iMessage on your iPhone.

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