RB Leipzig Beat SC Freiburg To Win Historic First DFB Pokal Title

The history of RB Leipzig’s win in the DFB Pokal has been made before 74,322 spectators at Berlin’s Olympiastadion. The cup win will have significant consequences both on the field and off it. The Red Bulls were the favourites, but they had to overcome many obstacles along the way to their first major trophy.

It was Freiburg who won the match in 19 minutes when Maximilian Eggestein defeated Peter Gulacsi by scoring from the outside box. Leipzig protested against a possible handball during the buildup but VAR decided not to overturn the goal.

The lead was well-deserved. However, Leipzig’s second half saw worse. Marcel Halstenberg was dismissed in the 57th minute. After losing a footrace against Lucas Holer, the defender decided to send off the Freiburg striker. Referee Saschastegemann was forced to dismiss Halstenberg.

Peter Gulacsi, Leipzig goalkeeper, said that “I would lie to you if I claimed that in that moment I believed we would turn it around.” Leipzig seemed to be without any ideas, while Freiburg was able to cruise to the title. The 77th minute was the last, and Christopher Nkunku almost from nowhere scored the equalizer. He was a Frenchman who would have been following the news about Kylian Mbappe with some interest. However, he managed to escape his defender at far post and tap the ball across.

Christian Streich stated after the game that “we just did a little more, not much, but enough to allow them back in the game.” Gulacsi stated that although the game did not go as planned, it was still remarkable to see them come back in penalties.

This was the only goal in both regular and extra time. Christain Grunterbeck and Keven Schlotterbeck failed to score on penalties. Leipzig was, however, perfect from the spot. Gulacsi stated that it was difficult to score four points out of four when playing with a man.

The DFB Pokal would have had major implications for Freiburg. The competition saw the Breisgau Brasilianer, one of the smaller clubs in German football earn $4 million (all numbers reported by Kicker). The winner receives $5 million more, while the runners-up earn $3.7 million.

These figures are less important for Leipzig. Red Bull sponsors ensures that there is significant investment year after season. The club has also qualified for the Champions League, and is currently in the Europa League.

However, the club’s first ever trophy win has serious implications for its short-term future. states that Leipzig is third in Bundesliga value behind Borussia Dortmund and Rekordmeister Bayern Munich.

Gulacsi stated that the title was very special. We would have loved to win more titles. It is important to be able to reach the semifinals of Europe and the finals in DFB Pokal within such a short period. The team’s spirit is evident when they win a title.

The goal of the first title is to close the gap between Dortmund and Bayern Munich. Leipzig plans to tour the United States in 2023. In the United States, the DFB Pokal win was certainly noticed by the broadcasters on ESPN.

Investment is being made in a talented squad on the field. Nkunku’s future is in the hands of Leipzig, who has offered him a new contract and hopes to make him the center of a transfer offensive. Players will have a strong argument to stay, and potential new players to join the club.

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