RODECaster II is Unveiled with a stunning array of new features

RODE, an Australian audio specialist, released equipment in 2018 that revolutionized podcasting. The RODECaster Pro was an audio studio in a box. It had a headphone output and microphone inputs, which allowed anyone to record high-quality podcasts.

The RODE RODECaster PRO was another first in the world. It combined all elements of a broadcast studio into a single console. The RODECaster PRO is a favorite piece of podcasting equipment, regardless of whether you are a newbie to podcasting or an experienced broadcaster.

RODE has been continuously improving the RODECaster Pro since its launch in 2018. Each firmware update brings enhanced performance and cutting-edge capabilities for podcasters, gamers, streamers, and other content creators. It’s now time to move on to the next chapter of the RODECaster PRO story.

Today’s launch of the RODECaster Pro II is a great opportunity to get exceptional sound. The RODECaster II offers four high-quality Neutrik combo inputs that can be used to connect microphones, instruments and keyboards.

RODE’s CEO is Damien Wilson. He said that the new Podcaster Pro was a significant step forward in audio technology. It was an innovative innovation that had never been seen before and has significantly impacted the growth of podcasting in the past four years.

We had a similar approach to the RODECaster II: we wanted to make something new, but this time we were focusing on all creators and not just podcasters. It was completely designed from scratch to provide unparalleled performance and adaptability in all creative applications, including streaming and music production. It’s also the most powerful podcasting platform available. This isn’t just an evolution of RODECaster Pro. This is a totally new beast that’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

The RODECaster II’s analog inputs feature completely redesigned, ultra-low-noise and high-gain Revolution Preamps that were created in-house. Every preamp is capable of producing pristine audio quality using any instrument or microphone. These preamps are world-class and can compete with boutique designs that can cost thousands of dollars per channel.

These preamps have an extremely low equivalent input noise rating of -131.5dBV and a huge 76dB gain on tap. They provide clarity and transparency, as well as eliminating any need for boosters, lifters or external processing. I have tested the preamps myself and can attest to their reliability. Cloudlifters can be eliminated with the RODECaster II.

RODECaster Pro II features a complete suite of high-quality APHEX audio processing units. These were completely redesigned from the original RODECaster Pro. They are based on component-level analysis and have impressive dynamic signal processing. This allows anyone to capture the magic that is a professional studio.

The unit’s quad-core audio engine is a high-performance, powerful sound-engine that delivers more processing power than any other content-creation console on the market. Despite its advanced capabilities, RODECaster Pro II can still be used with ease. RODE designed the console to reduce fuss and maximize creativity.

The touchscreen is high-definition and full-color. It also has a tactile rotary knob that allows for quick navigation and control of the menu. The system features professionally-tailored presets as well as the VoxLab processing editor, which can record incredible sound even for those with no previous audio experience.

The RODECaster II is fully customizable and can adapt to many creative recording applications such as livestreaming, gaming, podcasting, and music production. Nine sound channels can be assigned individually, and there are six broadcast-quality faders as well as three virtual faders. Each of the nine audio sources can also be assigned to any fader. This allows users to customize the mixer to their liking and best suit their workflow.

The RODECaster II has eight SMART pad and they do so much more than simply recall sound effects. Each pad can be configured to trigger voice effects such as echo, robot, pitch FX, reverb, echo and robot, send MIDI commands and activate automated mixer actions such fade-ins or fade-outs, and much more.

There is a switch that allows you to select eight banks of SMART pad banks. This means that up to 64 actions can be recalled with the push of a button. The APHEX and on-board effects are fully customizable. Users can fine-tune each parameter to their preference using granular editing. Presets can be saved to allow you to load any processing or effect parameter at any time and on any channel.

Each setting, including the mixer configuration and SMART pads can be saved to the board as a “Show”, allowing users to quickly set up and begin recording. The RODECaster II is the perfect tool for creators of different content types. This is a great feature for those who run multi-functional studios or educational facilities that need different setups for different users.

RODECaster II has a lot of connectivity. It can be used with many devices. This allows for more creativity, streamlined workflows and easier integration with other equipment. Four analog inputs allow for everything, from a single microphone to host a podcast or a whole band for livestreaming. Four high-power headphones outputs are available and 1/4-inch balanced line outputs can be used to connect speakers for playback and monitoring.

Dual USB-C interfaces allow for simultaneous connection of two mobile devices or computers. There is also an additional virtual USB channel to connect chat apps like Zoom and Skype. This opens up the possibility for remote podcasting, as well as complex streaming setups. Apple MFi certification allows seamless integration with iOS devices.

There’s also an advanced Bluetooth connectivity that allows for high-quality voice recording. It can be used to stream crystal-clear audio and connect wireless speakers with a transmit function. You can record stereo or multitrack to either an onboard microSD card, a computer, or an external storage device. Data transfer is super fast over USB. Wireless and Ethernet connections allow users to wirelessly update the firmware of the RODECaster II.

RODECaster Pro II is completely redesigned. It’s not an evolution of the original version. This new version is packed with features that make recording easy and efficient. There are many features available, including on-board audio editing, bi-directional MIDI communication with Bluetooth and USB channels, mute and listen buttons and producer talkback mode. You can also link stereo input to pan controls and create presets for RODE mics or other popular models.

RODE claims this launch is only the beginning of RODECaster II. It’s equipped with a powerful quad-core audio processor, which gives it plenty of headroom for unlocking even more enhancements. The console will also continue to evolve. RODECaster II will come with a range of accessories including the RODECover 2, a high quality protective cover, carry bags, and colored cables.

Pricing and Availability: The RODECaster II will be available to pre-order starting Tuesday, 24 May 20,22 at US$699 and shipping will start in June. I will soon have a complete review of the RODECaster II.

More information:

Key Features:

  • All-in-one audio tool for content creators including musicians, podcasters, livestreamers and musicians.
  • Revolution Preamps are ultra-low-noise and high-gain.
  • Quad-core high-performance audio engine with increased processing power.
  • Superior sound quality and flexibility with APHEX studio-quality audio processing
  • You can also get onboard effects like echo, robot and pitch-shifting.
  • SMART Pads for triggering sounds, voice effects and MIDI commands across eight banks, creating 64 unique actions.
  • There are nine channels that can be assigned individually, granular editing on the board, and fully-programmable SMART pads to create a customized setup.
  • High-quality Bluetooth connectivity with wide band speech for high-quality phone calls integration, audio streaming and wireless monitoring.
  • Dual USB-C interfaces to connect two computers or mobile phones, high-quality Neutrik combo inputs that can be used for connecting microphones and instruments.
  • High-definition touchscreen with haptic feedback and a rotary encoder, 5.5 inches in size for navigation and control.
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