SpaceX: What is that strange light in the night sky? What Strange Things Are You Seeing After Sunset This Month

Did you see a strange light in your sky today, just after sunset?

The sky was lit up by a series of bright lights that seemed to be alien spaceships entering land.

For a while, something bright and white moved across sky. Then, for a short time, something shimmered in the northern sky.

What is the deal?

It’s and not aliens. Although what you, and millions of others, keep seeing and becoming confused about can be quite amazing, they can also be explained using one of three things. Two of these can be seen clearly in the next month.

The conditions are ideal for UFO-spotting season.

This article will tell you everything about the strangely bright lights that appear in the sky after sunset.

1. It’s a train made up of SpaceX Starlink satellites that have just been launched

Are you able to see “trains” of lights above the sky? This is an amazing sight, but it’s only possible when the conditions are right.

What you see is sunlight reflecting off a series of SpaceX satellites. It’s called Starlink and is expected to provide global broadband coverage. Initially, 60 batches are being launched. Then they will gradually separate over the following days. They can be super-bright for the first few nights if they are seen within an hour of sunset.

One batch, batch 28, was also scheduled for launch this week… so keep your eyes peeled!

Why haven’t they been noticed before? If you are in the northern hemisphere, then the conditions are perfect to see newly launched satellites within the hours following sunset and before sunrise. Because the Sun isn’t very low at this time of the year, satellites in orbit glint for longer periods and more often than they catch the Sun.

Starlinks that spend more time in orbit separate and raise their orbits, making them virtually invisible. If you go outside, you will be able to see older Starlink “trains”, as well as many other satellites, if you take some time out.

Also, you can find predictions for visible SpaceX Starlink on the Heavens Above website as well as the Find Starlink smartphone app.

2. It is Venus, the rising planet

The return of Earth’s sister planet, Venus, is happening again. May 2021 saw the return of Venus after six months in morning sky. This is the beginning of a new appearance that will continue for the remainder 2021. It sees Venus as the third-brightest object in the sky, behind the Sun and Moon.

It is known as the “Evening Star”, because it can be seen after dark in the west.

A bright star will be visible in the west around an hour after sunset. It’s low enough to be visible for drivers and those doing laundry (anecdotally, a common time to spot bright things in sky). ).

3. It can be either a space station, or a satellite.

Starlink satellites are very bright right now, and so satellites of any kind are brighter. The International Space Station (ISS) is the most visible satellite. The ISS is a stunning sight, shining brightly across the sky in a constant white light that crosses the sky every seven minutes.

Register for a daily email to find the next pass above your location on NASA’s Spot The Station website.

Tianhe, the first module of the Chinese Space Station (CSS), is currently orbiting at 230 miles/370km up. Heavens launched in May. It now has a page that lists predicted sightings for Tianhe-1 under “satellites”, though it isn’t as bright as the ISS.

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