Stats from ‘Wordle” show America’s 10 best countries, but America loses out

Now that Wordle has cemented its place as a global phenomenon, and players are still furiously sharing their scores with the world via social media, it was only a matter of time before someone crunched the numbers to find out which country proved to be most successful at the game.

Given the nature of Wordle, you’d be forgiven for assuming that English-speaking nations would dominate proceedings, but this couldn’t be further from the truth–in fact, just three of the countries making the Wordle-solving top ten have English as their first language. What’s more, the U.S. isn’t even close to a podium place.

In an analysis of Twitter users’ scores, WordTips pulled nearly 200,000 tweets with the #Wordle hashtag, extracting game scores from over 140,000.

After crunching the numbers, WordTips discovered that Swedenthe seventh highest-performing nation on the Human Development Index, as well as the world’s seventh-happiest country–was home to the best Wordle players, who completed daily puzzles in an average of just 3.72 guesses.

Sweden established a marked lead over second-placed Switzerland (3.78); the neutral, landlocked Central European nation only just pipped Poland (3.79), which came in third.

The highest-placing country with English as a first language–Australia–came in joint fourth alongside Belgium, with the pair rounding out the best five states with a score of 3.8.

Finland (3.81) and Denmark (3.83) became the second and third Scandinavian countries to make the list, though ther plucky Danes share seventh with Brazil and South Africa. Israel (3.84) rounded out the top ten.

The inventor of the game’s language, the U.K. (3.89), narrowly missed out, falling behind Ireland and the United Arab Emirates (3.87), as well as Singapore (3.88), and tying with China and Uruguay.

Not only did the U.S. miss out on the top ten, but it also scored lower than the global average number of guesses. According to WordTips’ research, players around the world averaged 3.919 guesses before succeeding; the U.S. scored 3.92, despite Wordle using American English. However, Canada edged just above with 3.90.

The worst country at Wordle, per WordTips’ research? Egypt, with a score of 4.42–ironic, given it’s a five-letter word.

The ten best countries at solving Wordle (with average number of guesses)

1) Sweden (3.72)

2) Switzerland (3.78)

3) Poland (3.79)

=4) Australia, Belgium (3.80)

6) Finland (3.81)

=7) Brazil, Denmark, South Africa (3.83)

10) Israel (3.84)

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