Super U Startup: Creating premium superfood blends to improve your health

There has been much written about “Superfoods” over the past decade. Some of it was positive, others were controversial. However, it is widely believed that including certain foods with this label in your diet can be extremely beneficial. The founders of Super U are a couple who met at university. They have created a business out of a desire to naturally solve their health problems.

Early Beginnings

They met at Nottingham Trent University. Charlotte was suffering from fatigue after she had been diagnosed with Coeliac Disease. Sean saw this and was keen to find a natural remedy. The couple began to experiment with superfoods to improve Charlotte’s health. These results had a profound impact on Charlotte’s health and Sean’s overall well-being. The duo realized there was a market for these products in the U.K., and they started to create blends to launch their own business.

Launching Super U

The couple started the business from scratch. They made products, fulfilled orders and were efficient with capital to maximize their returns. After one year of running the business, their efforts and sacrifices began to pay off. Sales started coming in and customers left glowing reviews. Sean was 26 when he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Sean was able to fight through radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and received the all clear in July 2019. He is currently in remission.

Sean was ill, but the business continued to grow despite being short on staff. The couple felt that they had something of value and when Sean recovered, they knew it was time for them to scale the business. The couple continued to work hard to increase sales, gradually increasing their capacity as the budget allowed. Once they felt that they had built a strong foundation, they decided it was time for external capital. They did this via a Seedrs crowdfunding campaign. The couple successfully raised PS160,000, which allowed them to grow the business’s next phase in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A Journey into The Dragon’s Den

The next opportunity to grow was presented to the team by Dragons Den, a popular TV show that focuses on business pitching similar to Shark Tank in America. Before Sean became ill, they had considered applying for the show and decided it was a sign that the opportunity was back. They submitted an application and passed interviews to be accepted on the show. Although the couple had been through much and were nervous, they entered the pitch confidently. Their authentic journey to build their product and brand together with flawless execution of the pitch led to offers from all five ‘dragons. This is something that very rarely happens on TV. They accepted offers from Tej Lvani and Peter Jones to share 6% of their business for a combined PS50,000.

Today, the couple is fully focused on growing the brand and are launching the preregistration page for a crowdfunding campaign. has more information about the campaign.

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