The 84-Minute Blood Flower Moon, One Of The Longest Total Lunar Eclipses Up To 2029

When will the next “Blood Moon”, total lunar eclipse occur? The full “Flower Moon”, which will be visible for 84 minutes, will change to a stunning reddish hue on Sunday, May 15, 2022 and Monday 16th of February 2022.

This is only 50 days away from today!

It is best seen in North and South America. Since July 27, 2018, when the “Blood Moon”, lasted 1 hour and 42 seconds, a totality this long has not been seen. It will not be exceeded until June 26, 2029, when it will reach a totality of 102 minutes.

This article will tell you everything about May’s incredible celestial spectacle, including where, when and how to view the “Blood Flower Moon.”

What is a total lunar eclipse of the ‘Blood Moon?

A total lunar eclipse is when the full Moon passes through Earth’s shadow of 870,000 miles (1.4 million km) in space. This can only happen at full Moon.

It is rare, but it does happen occasionally. Usually the Moon just misses its shadow. It can take as little as five minutes in 2015, or up to 105 minutes in 2018. Two total lunar eclipses will occur in 2022, each lasting 84 minutes.

These two total lunar eclipses will not be missed, and they won’t happen until 2025.

Where is the next total lunar eclipse of the ‘Blood Moon,’ where do I live?

It is a global event that occurs at the exact same time worldwide, but it can only be viewed by those who are on the night side of Earth.

These are the times in North America:

  • 11:29 p.m. -oo:53 AM EDT Sunday, May 15th-16th 2022 (“Greatest eclipse” at 00:11 am.)
  • 10:29-11.53 p.m. CDT Sunday, May 15, 2022 (“greatest Eclipse” at 11:11 pm.
  • 9:29-10.53 p.m. MDT Sunday, May 15, 2022 (“greatest Eclipse” is at 10:11 pm.
  • 8:29-9.53 p.m. PDT Sunday, May 15, 2022 (“greatest Eclipse” at 9:11 p.m.

Where is the next total lunar eclipse of the ‘Blood Moon?

Canada, South America, and the U.S. get great views. Europe and Africa can also see a lunar eclipse at moonset. This is a simulation.

How do you observe the next total lunar eclipse of the ‘Blood Moon?

You only need your naked eyes and clear sky. However, a pair or binoculars can help you see the details better.

There are several phases of the eclipse that you can observe. The partial phase is when the Moon turns red. With such a long totality, all you have to do is be outside during those 84 minutes.

How will the total lunar eclipse of the “Blood Moon” 2022 look?

The Moon’s surface will be able to move 100% into Earth’s shadow in space. This will cause thousands of sunsets. It will appear as if everything is glowing reddish-orangey just before sunset on Earth, and it will last for an astonishing 1 hour and 24 minutes.

What time is the second total lunar eclipse of the ‘Blood Moon,’ in 2022

It will take place on November 16, 2022. This is a simulation.

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