The Benefits of Being a Sponsor for Tottenham Hotspurs Training Wear

Sponsoring training wear is a great way to benefit Tottenham Hotspur.

It is a great way to generate revenue by having someone pay to have their logo printed on the clothing players and staff must wear.

What does the sponsor get from it?

Spurs, a food delivery company, provided me with an exclusive look into exactly that.

It is quite a bit.

The media exposure is first, which is huge.

Turancan Salur, general manager of Getir UK, tells me that the company calculated this benefit before the Turkish firm signed the deal.

Salur states, “We’re going get this exposure every single time there’s training or a game [or] post-match [press conference],”

“That’s a lot of frequency, especially when you consider how long the football season is.

“Even after the football season is over, you still have training. It’s a long time we have this exposure.

“We have quantified the coverage after looking at these numbers.

“That’s certainly one of the great advantages of sports partnership.”

It would cost astronomical to buy the equivalent time on all the TV channels in the world during the North London Derby. That’s how expensive banner ads in all UK back pages could be.

Walking billboards

It also has the added benefit of thousands of supporters wearing jerseys that are basically walking billboards for your brand.

This is particularly important for Getir, a company trying to establish itself as a business in London.

Salur says, “Everyone is used to having a [jersey] logo of their favorite team,” Salur adds.

“When your logo changes, you might go out and purchase a new one because each year there’s a new range.”

Supporters wearing the branding creates awareness and fosters positive associations for fans.

He adds that the more people see it, the more Getir becomes something you are familiar with.

“Even though you may not use it, it is available in many places. This makes it easier to test the service since it’s not uncommon.

“Even if your team isn’t playing Tottenham, you will see the name Getir.”

This effect shouldn’t be underestimated.

Campaigners argue that gambling sponsorship should not be allowed because the constant exposure to logos fosters familiarity with the company and acceptance.

However, Premier League soccer clubs have made significant changes to their commercial partnerships. It’s nearly impossible for domestic fans not to be connected with some clubs’ sponsors.

For example, flagship shirt sponsorship packages are often landed in countries that have little or no association with the UK. In fact, over the past few years there has been an increase in foreign gambling companies trading one club’s premium advertising slot to another.

Getir’s goals for Spurs are a throwback in this respect. It wants to increase brand awareness in the UK. However, global coverage is welcome.

“We are interested in all areas. Salur states that the UK market is our main focus.

“This is where most fans are and the vast majority we expect to see the effect at a national level.”

Buyers Market

Coronavirus caused a significant disruption in the sporting calendar and soccer clubs had to seek other ways to please their commercial partners.

Experts say that the disruption didn’t dampen the desire for deals.

This could be evident in Getir’s approach by many soccer clubs prior to its deal with Tottenham Hotspur.

Salur says that although a lot of clubs reached out to them, […] felt that Tottenham was the best match.

The GM explained that the deal with Spurs was made to complement the company’s core marketing activities and not be its central tenet.

“It was not as important as digital marketing or outdoor advertising, because these are more traditional things each brand uses.

“But, [sports sponsorship] was always something we thought of. When the opportunity presented itself, we thought, “Well, there’s a great chance here.”

Chance or judgment?

It is foolish to tie yourself to a sporting organization in the hope of gaining success. Soccer, as in all sports, is not guaranteed.

However, the benefits of a good deal can go beyond the contract’s value.

Manchester United fans can’t see the Sharp electronics logo and not feel a surge of emotion. Arsenal fans will also be unable to look at the O2 branding and not feel a connection with the 2004 invincible Arsenal team.

These brands are still prominently displayed in media coverage long after the deals were ended and their logo is proudly worn by fans at games.

Images are a key element in historic success stories.

After a disappointing season last year, Tottenham Hotspur is currently at the top of Premier League. They could even be contenders for Champions League qualification.

The Europa Conference League is a great way to get a trophy for your country.

If the team achieves long-awaited success, then Getir could benefit from the deal with Spurs.

“We had a fantastic start to the season, and if it continues like this, [it’s] all better for us.

“Sporting success certainly enhances [the benefits to Getir].

“One of our reasons for forming this partnership is that we believe Tottenham will succeed both now and in the future.”

Recent news was that Tottenham Hotspur captain Harry Kane announced that he would be staying at the club.

This news was not only good for Spurs fans, but also for their commercial partners like Getir.

They can count on England captains wearing their logo for at least a year.

It’s no surprise Salur was thrilled to hear the news.

“You want the best for the club in terms of sporting success as well as other aspects.

“The club’s success becomes your joy.”

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