The Best Cards in Pokemon: Trading Card Game’s Evolution Skies Expansion

We are almost at the third Pokemon: Trading Card Game expansion of the year. It includes a set that is dedicated to the most beloved Pokemon in the series, Eeveelutions – Eevee, as well as its many different evolutions. Sword and Shield Evolving Skies includes exclusive artwork of all the characters, making it a great set for collectors.

To determine which cards are most valuable, I use TCGPlayer’s market price as of August 25, 2021. Although the official launch of Evolving Skies won’t take place until August 27, the prerelease has already taken place and cards are in circulation. Although prices are expected to drop after the widespread launch of Evolving Skies, this gives you an idea of which cards you should be looking out for when opening your packs.

#10 Dragonite V (Alternate full Art) – $95.89

Dragonite is one of three non-Eeveelution Cards on this list. It tends to be highly valued in every set it appears in. This is a very cute illustration of a sleeping Dragonite flying high above the clouds.

This set includes the exclusive Dragon-type style of card, which has claw marks behind the typing symbol.

#9 Glaceon V (Alternate full Art) – $99.99

The Ice-type Glaceon, one of many Eeveelutions on this list, is seen chilling on a snowy bench. Although Glaceon isn’t my favorite Eevee line, you can’t deny its cuteness in this art.

#8 – Leafeon VMAX (Alternate Secret Art) – $109.99

Evolving Skies is worth more than $100, as shown by my eighth-place finish. I love the Eeveelution VMAX expansion cards. They show huge Pokemon interacting with their environment.

Leafeon VMAX shows a tractor-sized Leafeon playing with a haybale in a field. This expansion is driven by cuteness, but the inherent absurdity of ‘gigantamax’ in the Sword & Shield series can be seen here.

#7 Umbreon V (Alternate full Art) – $128.39

Although it’s not the only Umbreon on this list, I am shocked at how Umbreon V ranks so low. It is one of the most beloved Eeveelutions. This card shows it in all Dark-type glory, ruling over many other Pokemon in a city lit by moonlight. It’s dark and edgy. That’s why everyone loves Umbreon.

#6 Rayquaza VMAX Rainbow Secret – $129.99

The Eevee lines are the main focus of the expansion. technicallythe “face” Pokemon are Hoenn’s Rayquza (and Galar’s Darulodon).

Although I usually find rainbow rares a little too gaudy, Rayquaza VMAX is something I love. It’s a very nice card. I love the clean lines, the pose and the dragon-type scratching effect.

#5 – Glaceon VMAX (Alternate Secret Art) – $129.99

Glaceons are back and bigger than ever. A card with lots of Pokemon playing together in a lake is likely to be valued well. Although the artwork isn’t as great as Leafeon VMAX’s it’s still an excellent addition to the expansion.

#4 Rayquaza V (Alternate Art Full Art) – $139.99

This list features Rayquaza’s second appearance, along with some very interesting artwork for Pokemon lore lovers. It shows Rayquaza and OmegaRuby/AlphaSapphire’s Zinnia, a dragon-type trainer who has a deep connection with Rayquaza. While it’s great to get deep cuts from games like ORAS, the main reason this card is so valuable is because Rayquaza is loved by many.

#3 – Sylveon VMAX (Alternate Secret Art) – $170.82

Finally, my favorite Eeveelution makes an appearance! Sylveon VMAX, another card that depicts a huge Pokemon surrounded with smaller Pokemon, is another example of this card. However, something about it hits differently to Glaceon VMAX. Sylveon’s proud pose and pink color scheme tie everything together beautifully.

#2 – Umbreon VMAX (Alternate Secret Art) – $324.83

Again, it’s a surprise that Umbreon doesn’t take the top spot. This card art, amazing, shows an immense Umbreon curled around his tower in front a full moon. This is a different interpretation of the Umbreon V’s gangster-boss vibes, but it works. This card is my absolute favorite in the entire expansion just for its art.

#1 Rayquaza VMAX (Alternate secret art) – $432.22

The most valuable card in Evolving Skies, Rayquaza VMAX’s alternate rare art, is almost $100 more costly than second. It’s too busy for me, but it really shows the terror of Rayquaza supersized.

Rayquaza is often a very expensive item. Partly this is due to nostalgia. Many people’s first Pokemon games were Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. The Evolving Skies-exclusive scratch behind the Dragon Type icon will be a great help over the long term, since it’s a templating design that’s unlikely to be repeated in future expansions.

It is far more valuable than Chilling Revolution and Battle Styles. Evolving Skies cards are three more valuable than Chilling Reign, and Battle Styles would barely scrape into eighth.

It is a bit surprising to me that none of the Eevee families from the first generation appear in this list. The best way to determine card value in a set is by using nostalgia. However, the first Kanto evolution doesn’t come out until the mid-30s.

The Eeveelutions are loved by many, but it is nice to see Rayquaza make a few appearances. Darulodon, the other face of Evolving Skyes, isn’t seen until #15 and is almost $40 less than Dragonite V.

Evolving Skies launches on August 27.

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