The Big Problem With Deadpool’s Mutant Powers

Deadpool has an amazing superpower that allows him to heal quickly and can even survive a serious injury. He recovers quickly from gunshot wounds, broken bones and even a lost hand in the first movie. However, this power comes with a high price.

Note This article contains minor spoilers to Deadpool.

According to Deadpool‘s origin story, Wade Wilson, a mercenary, volunteers to be a laboratory guinea-pig to test his theories about how to cure cancer. He is able to regenerate instead. This is similar to the remarkable regenerative abilities of salamanders, amphibians like newts and Axolotl. They can regrow legs from stumps and even substitute vital organs such as the heart and spinal chord.

Stem cells are capable of multiplying and developing into any type of tissue, including blood vessels and brain cells. This is how regeneration can be achieved. The body’s outer layer becomes damaged and forms a “wound epidermis”. This releases growth factors which prompt cells to alter their behavior.

The fibroblast cells, which are responsible for creating the elastic collagen fibres in connective tissue, are reprogrammed to create various tissues (a “blastema”) in the case of a salamander. Scientists have recently sequenced the DNA of the axolotl. They identified many genes that could be involved in regenerating limbs and could help engineers engineer replacement parts.

One of the most remarkable things about the human body, is the fact that one fertilized embryo can give rise to around 200 different types. How can they be so different when all those cells have the exact same instructions on how to behave as the DNA genes? epigenetics is a layer above DNA that helps explain this. Epigenetics can be used to determine which sections of the instruction manual for life are read and ignored. For example, it highlights key sentences throughout pages and pages of text.

Wade is Deadpool and gains superpowers after he’s given a serum to activate any mutant genes in his DNA. This serum can also be combined with extreme stress to trigger mutations. These wouldn’t be genetic mutations but epigenetic ones. They remove chemical marks from DNA to reveal hidden instructions to cells’ gene-reading machinery, which allows mutant genes to be turned on. This idea would be supported by science, since stress experiences can trigger epigenetic changes.

Although mutant genes are fiction, how Deadpool might be able to use his powers is possible by controlling other genes that affect how cells divide. These genes were mutated in cancer.

Although Deadpool’s mutant abilities would save him from certain death, it is only temporary. Wade is told by Ajax, the villain behind the experiments in the first movie, that his mutant cells can heal any […] cancer.

Wade’s healing factor may be able to stop the disease spreading but it does not cure him. He is fitted with a collar to block his accelerated healing. This causes him to get sick again when his tumors return. Russell (Firefist), he says, “This ends in me dying from cancer.”

Because cancer evolves within the body, it is difficult to beat. A tumor is not made up of one type of cell. It is composed of many cells that constantly mutate and adapt to the ever-changing environment. This natural selection process allows tumors to escape the immune system and it also helps them adapt to chemotherapy drugs.

What’s the big problem with Deadpools power?

Wade’s cancer, like every other part of his body, inherited the same DNA. Any mutant genes — or superpowers — that he possesses would also be activated by his tumor cells. Deadpool would be able to fight off cancer. These malignant tumors would have defeated all of his super-defences, so that his normal immune system wouldn’t be able to stop them. Wade Wilson would likely die in a matter of hours.

Deadpool’s healing power is therefore a double-edged blade as his superpowered cancer cells can succeed where bullets, blades and bombs have failed. It would also finally silence the Merc With a Mouth.

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