The Market That Will Sell You A $20,000 Bank Loan For $30

Wikipedia describes the Dark Web as an encrypted part of the internet.

Accessing the dark web sites requires specific software, most often the Tor browser. This small area of the internet provides an anonymous haven to whistleblowers and political activists as well as a lucrative marketplace for criminals selling their illegal goods.

Flashpoint intelligence analysts took a look at cybercrime through the prism of dark web marketplace prices over two years. All kinds of services are available here. These include services that can attack sites or services for a rental fee and a $20,000 loan from the bank.

These prices are sourced from the most popular cybercrime markets, some of them having been shut down by my colleague Zak Daoffman earlier this year. However, they remain representative of today’s dark web.

The dark web economy

I wrote on September 13 about an earlier dive into dark web economy by Armor Threat Resistance Unit Researchers. It was possible to trade $800 (PS630), of Bitcoin for $10,000, (PS7.900) cash. That seemed like a great deal to anyone willing to go against the law and risk jail time. Flashpoint analysts discovered even more illegal “bargains” in these dark internet marketplaces. For $25 (PS19.75), you could have access to a compromised bank account with a balance of $10,000 (PS7.900) in cybercrime parlance. Personal information packages, also known as “fullz”, that allow criminals to steal victim’s identity and obtain a bank loan cash-out of $20,000 (PS15.800), were available for $5 (PS4) more. Fullz packages are available for as low as $4 (PS3), as they are considered a commodity within these circles.

Flashpoint intelligence analyst Ian Gray wrote the report on October 15. He stated that fullz that include financial information about victims often cost more as they can be used to commit frauds in a wider range of ways than personal identifiable information (PII). The marketplace dealers also rate fullz packages based on the credit score attached to the victim. This correlation shows a correlation between the asking price and the score level.

This isn’t just cold money for sale on dark web

These dark web marketplaces are known for their ability to attract the criminal element of society. The items offered reflect this. You can also find passports, drugs, and weapons, as well as a database that purports to contain the PIIs of approximately 92,000,000 Brazilian citizens.

The passport market is very interesting and can be broken down into three main categories. Scanned passports starting at $5 (PS4) with buyer information in, while physical passports can go up to $5,000 (PS4,000). The most common category is the passport template, which allows the buyer to fill in their information. These templates come in a variety of prices, with U.S. passports starting at $18 (PS14.25), Canadian passports starting at $26 (PS20.50), and Dutch passports starting at $50 (PS40).

There are many goods available on the dark internet. Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS), attacks, are being sold as a “service” by criminals who rent out their time via DDoS attack botnets. Gray stated that most attacks are still focused on video game cheating and personal harassment. This is evident in the low rental prices, starting at $0.35 (PS0.28) per ten minutes and $25 (PS19.75 for a full day), with more substantial money being restricted to offers like attacking any site for five hour for $250 (PS197.50).

While cybercrime is still thriving and threat actors are becoming more sophisticated in their attack methods, Flashpoint’s report shows that most illicit commodity pricing has remained relatively stable over the past two years. If I’m honest, this is not surprising. These transactions carry a greater risk for the buyer than the seller. Although anonymity is not always available through dark web networks, it gives the seller the perception that they are relatively safe. To make a profit, the buyer must move out of shadows. These dark web sites are a buyers market because of the risk of being caught and the severe legal consequences.

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